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Is the coast clear for tricolored bats?

This winter two scientists will set out to learn  whether tricolored bats that use winter roosts other than caves and mines are susceptible to a deadly bat disease in the coastal plains and forests of North and South Carolina — two of 38 states in the bats’ range. 801 more words

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A decade fighting a deadly bat disease

You can hear the desperation in Christina Kocer’s voice, as she describes how it felt to find bats dying from a mysterious cause in the winter of 2007… 772 more words

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Subterranean Fun at Lava Beds National Monument

Our first stop after leaving Montana was Lava Beds National Monument. We have wanted to visit this fascinating park for several years now, but its location in the North East corner of California has always made it just a little too far out of the way. 528 more words

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Notes from the Field: Project Launched to Monitor Wild Bats at Detroit Zoo

The Detroit Zoological Society (DZS) is going to bat for a misunderstood species.

Contrary to what pop culture would have you believe, bats are critically important to the environment. 313 more words

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The deadly spread: White-nose syndrome

Thirty-three U.S. states and five Canadian provinces have reported the presence of white-nose syndrome or the fungus that causes it since WNS was discovered in 2007. 32 more words

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Bats on the rocks: new habitat may provide refuge from white-nose syndrome

Today’s post is from writer Gretchen Newberry, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of South Dakota Biology Department. Gretchen studies habitat, nest success and heat stress of the Common Nighthawk. 753 more words

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