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Genetic study tracks westward spread of bat-killing disease

Are humans responsible for  the big jump to the West Coast?

Staff Report

Genetic analysis shows that the bat-killing fungus recently detected for the first time in western North America… 534 more words


Okanagan biologists listening in on bats

The Okanagan has the largest bat biodiversity in Canada but how many there are is still a mystery. However, biologists are hoping a new continent-wide project will give them a better understanding of the bat population in North America. 307 more words


Little brown bat maternity colony discovered in Nova Scotia

A newly discovered colony of little brown bats is giving the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources a reason to celebrate.

According to a release, scientists have found a colony — in a location that’s being kept secret — of about 300 healthy female little brown bats and their young. 271 more words


Bat-killing disease jumped from East to West

Genetic analysis has shown that the first West Coast case of white nose syndrome, a disease that’s killing millions of bats across America, was probably caused by a fungal strain that came from the eastern U.S. 143 more words