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Have You Seen Bats Lately? Interview with Mike Scafini from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.


Many people in Pennsylvania might have noticed that, nowadays, it is not easy to encounter bats any more at night during the summer. My guest today has spent years working with bats in Pennsylvania, and he will talk to us about the story behind the dramatic declination of bat populations in PA. 1,583 more words


B is for the Bats, Which are Dying by the Millions

I admit, before last summer I had never cared much about bats. I didn’t think they were cute or of much use or interest, but then I met  800 more words


Taking Conservation Underground

Taking a deep breath of the crisp winter air, I secured my helmet and switched on my headlamp. Slowly I made my way downslope, following a single-file line of biologists. 826 more words

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In New York State, bats are showing signs of recovery from white-nose syndrome

Bats in North America are in trouble. Millions of them have died over the past few years, over an area that stretches for thousands of miles, from Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada to Nebraska in the heart of North America. 894 more words

Environmental Microbiology

Bat-killing fungus spreads to Texas

White-nose syndrome has killed 5.5 million bats so far

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Read more about white-nose syndrome in the Summit Voice archives

A fungal pathogen that has wiped out bat populations across the eastern third of the U.S. 593 more words



Humpback Resurgence

Super-groups of humpback whales have been observed with increasing frequency during the past five years off South Africa’s Atlantic coast.

The species hadn’t normally been considered all that social, usually being found in pairs or small groups that congregated only briefly. 361 more words


'White-Nose Syndrome' Bat Disease Confirmed In 6 MN Counties

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says a disease that has killed millions of bats in North America has been confirmed in six Minnesota counties. 262 more words