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Bats Future Looks Bleak

According to this article efforts to save the little brown bat in NJ is pretty much a lost cause. They’ve lost 95% of their population since 2009 to the white-nose syndrome. 34 more words


First Bats Treated for White-Nose Syndrome Released

The story has the markings of the old Disney fairy tale when the charming prince wakes Princess Aurora from a magically induced coma after she pricks her finger on the spindle of an enchanted spinning wheel. 108 more words


Scientists say they've pinpointed the cause of snake-killing fungal disease

Spread of snake fungal disease mirrors bat-killing white-nose syndrome

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U.S. Geological Survey scientists said they’ve identified the fungus that’s been taking a toll on snake populations in parts of the U.S. 453 more words


Why don't bats and P. destructans get along?

White-nose syndrome (WNS), a bat disease caused by the fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans, has killed millions of bats in North America and is still spreading. Scientists are doing a lot of research into the disease and the fungus causing it, but a lot is still unknown. 216 more words


Bat-killing fungus has spread across 26 states

Nebraska officials confirm presence of white-nose syndrome

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Bat-killing white-nose syndrome has been confirmed in Nebraska, which means the deadly fungus has now spread to 26 states and five Canadian provinces, wiping out populations of hibernating bats along the way. 470 more words


Fungus That Causes Bat Disease Detected in Nebraska

The fungus known to cause white-nose syndrome (WNS) in hibernating bats, a disease that has decimated bat populations in the United States and Canada, was recently discovered for the first time in Nebraska. 432 more words


Your Friend, The Bat

Great article from National Geographic about a very misunderstood, feared and attacked animal.

This Book Drives a Wooden Stake Into The Mythology of Bats

Some snippets: 321 more words