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Waiting, in the dark, for bats to drop by

Originally posted October 2016. Republished here due to technical issues with original post. 

We figured out, as kids, that we could take off a sock, ball it up, and throw it in the air around a yard light and any bats flying around would follow it until it came back down into the light near the ground so that we could get a closer look. 902 more words


Off topic ~ Bats!

Hello everyone. CEO Olivia here. The other night, while walking with my huMom, we saw a bat flying over head. My huMom was very excited to see it & I was curious as to why. 259 more words


Temperature sensing cameras provide clues to White Nose Syndrome

Hot new imagery from temperature-sensing cameras suggests that bats who warm up from hibernation together throughout the winter may be better at surviving white nose syndrome, a disease caused by a cold-loving fungus ravaging insect-eating bat populations in the United States and Canada. 658 more words

Everyday Science


White-nose Syndrome – Bats

Biologists have confirmed white-nose syndrome (WNS) in the southeastern bat (Myotis austroriparius) for the first time. The species joins eight other hibernating bat species in North America that are afflicted with the deadly bat fungal disease. 32 more words


Book Review: Bat Count: a Citizen Science Story - by Anna Forrester

Book: Bat Count: A Citizen Science Story
Author: Anna Forrester
Illustrator: Susan Detwiler
Publisher: Arbordale Publishing
Date: February 10, 2017
Genre: science picture book; age 4-8; gr K-3… 521 more words

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