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On The Move

Here’s a few flight shots of some of the white pelicans from yesterday. As they were going back and forth feeding in the shore line marsh area, they would occasionally take short flight hops to the other side. 42 more words

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Pelicans And Ducks

There was a group of white pelicans fishing in the marsh near the beach this afternoon, but they had to share the area with several species of ducks that were also floating around enjoying their day. 28 more words

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The Big Guy Was Up

This afternoon I saw a smallĀ group of American White Pelicans circling in toward the marsh from the ocean side.

One of them did a direct overhead pass by my location giving me a nice view of those huge wings. 46 more words

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More Of The Fleet

Here are some closer views of members of the invasion fleet from yesterday.

These guys are big!

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The Invasion Has Begun!

This morning anĀ armada of American White Pelicans suddenly came swooping into the salt marsh area and did a couple of high circles above us. 12 more words

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Rush hour feeding time on the lake.

Yes, I took pictures of white pelicans into the sun. I was standing on the dock over the big lake at Circle B Bar Reserve in January when I saw these white dots far across the lake. 117 more words

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White pelicans at Fort Desoto

I had heard there were white pelicans hanging around Fort Desoto. They can usually be seen way off in the distance near one of the spoil islands around the park. 79 more words

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