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White Pelicans in Flight

Yesterday I spent some time at Saylorville Reservoir and watched some white pelicans in flight.

My photos do not do them justice.  These huge birds have a graceful, soaring flight.   49 more words

There's a First For Everyone

Earlier this spring, we took a trip out west … Tom drove cross country from Florida to Washington state … I flew to Salt Lake City and Tom picked me up along his journey.   1,276 more words

Pelicans for Lunch

We drove 20 miles north a few days ago to get out of the smoky haze of the Soberanes forest fire.  Ended up at Moss Landing where most of the eating places were “Phil’s.” His main location was packed, so we ended up at “Phil’s Snack Shack” which we had passed on the way into this harbor town. 92 more words


In a Row

Pelicans taking a break from the fast moving water, at the lock in Lockport, Manitoba


Meeting of the Minds

Dear Friends, last night just a sunset (with no sun visible) we found a small flock (10-12) of white pelicans floating on a pond in Crex Meadows.   30 more words


Another Sighting of White Pelicans in The Villages, FL

White Pelicans stop here in The Villages, Florida during their Winter migration.  I really love seeing the big gatherings of the huge beautiful birds!  I saw this flock fishing as a group in a pond on Pinellas Drive here at the Evans Prairie wetlands area, on Saturday, April 9, 2016.   93 more words


Pelicans at The Villages, FL

White Pelicans huddled on opposite sides of a small lake here in The Villages, Florida.  The small lake is behind the assisted living facilities (Freedom Point complex area) on El Camino Real.   139 more words