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The Parents Were Dodging the Collectors, Abandoned Their Two Young Sons, and Found Guilty of Abandonment

The SELFISH ACTS of these parents, but then again, if we can’t save ourselves, how the F*** (maxed out???) can we possibly save our own young, right??? 521 more words

Cost Of Living


So, I just read that to get rid of OCD that is caused by trama or PTSD, you have to treat the PTSD first.

To do that, I have to talk about what happened over and over and over until there is no emotion left to the event. 310 more words

Graffiti on my WPF or white picket fence

My husband killed himself 7 years ago. Leaving me with debt and a baby.

I’ve now been a widow twice as long as I was married. 591 more words

The Grass IS Greener on The Other Side

We live in a world where we are constantly inundated with options. You get flashes of better cars, better partners, better jobs, better homes, better lives, etc. 521 more words

and we all live happily ever after...1991

Well, that’s what I was hoping for…I’d gone back to my white picket fence dream…me, a husband, possibly point 2 children, dinner parties, a pretty house, flower gardens, oh so awesome neighbours, that would stop by for a chat…ohh the dream. 871 more words


Time to Say Goodbye to the White Picket Fence Stair Rail and Banister

It’s time to go, the white picket fence is too much and does not compliment the room which is really quite stylish.

Renovating & Rejuvenating

Raw Honey

Raw Honey 
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It has been a year.                                 

Shall we again meet?

Shall we gather

In your city

Or would you rather… 460 more words