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It is a cool grey Sunday morning in Saskatoon.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.  Anne Lamott’s May 8 post on the occasion is giving me pause for thought about the day and motherhood. 281 more words

Teach the Children…to Love Life, Then, They Will Have the Abilities to Love Others

From someone’s hearts, after the observations of how a medical student murdered another for competing for the attention of a girl he liked, from the… 887 more words


The Day You Became a Stranger to Me...

We’re, going down, this slippery slope, and we both knew, that this, will NOT end well, at A-L-L!!!

The day you became a stranger to me, but how, we were related, a very long time ago, I suppose, and now, I don’t even recognize your face at all, I see you, as a foreigner in my world, a complete stranger… 179 more words


The white picket fence - #haiku 

The white picket fence,

red rose bushes pose outside –

tend your garden well.

Haiku and photo by Stephanie Mohan – April 2015


Why Are You So Unhappy???

This, is from an observer’s perspective…

Why are you so unhappy?  You already have everything in life, everything I can EVER dream of, so, why are you still dissatisfied with life, I don’t get you, you know? 168 more words


Spent All Their Assets? The Mother and Her Two Sons Were Found to Have Committed Suicide in Their Mansion

The story of suicides, from the Front Page Sections, the cause being how the individuals can no longer handle the demands of the realities that they’re faced with, translated… 733 more words


A Piece of Paper, with Three Young Children, Crying, Saved Their Parents, the Young Children Went to the Subprecinct to Look for Grandpa

Parents who made their kids go through HELL here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Uncle Police, I need to go find grandpa, mom and dad said they’re going to kill; themselves!”, two nights ago, deep into the nights, three young children came, to the Shalun Subprecinct, with suitcases, telling the adults; some two odd hours later, the police found the parents, inside the car, with the exhaust gas fuming up, in the mountainous regions of Shulin District. 444 more words