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Why Are You So Unhappy???

This, is from an observer’s perspective…

Why are you so unhappy?  You already have everything in life, everything I can EVER dream of, so, why are you still dissatisfied with life, I don’t get you, you know? 168 more words


Spent All Their Assets? The Mother and Her Two Sons Were Found to Have Committed Suicide in Their Mansion

The story of suicides, from the Front Page Sections, the cause being how the individuals can no longer handle the demands of the realities that they’re faced with, translated… 733 more words


A Piece of Paper, with Three Young Children, Crying, Saved Their Parents, the Young Children Went to the Subprecinct to Look for Grandpa

Parents who made their kids go through HELL here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Uncle Police, I need to go find grandpa, mom and dad said they’re going to kill; themselves!”, two nights ago, deep into the nights, three young children came, to the Shalun Subprecinct, with suitcases, telling the adults; some two odd hours later, the police found the parents, inside the car, with the exhaust gas fuming up, in the mountainous regions of Shulin District. 444 more words


Date-Raping a Classmate’s Girlfriend, He Was Prosecuted for Rape

From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Hong in Hsinbei City was suspected of date raping his classmate’s girlfriend, and his classmate just walked in, on him, raping his girlfriend, but the classmate was angrier at how drunk his girlfriend got, and kicked her, then left; after the girl hung over, she found out what Hong did, she sued him; Hong claimed that it was consensual, but the D.A. 273 more words


Holding His Children Hostage

This, is actually what happened, to someone I know…

So, the story starts, he was injured on the job, couldn’t work, told his wife, to go out, and support the family abroad, because what they’d paid abroad, was a HELL of a LOT more back home, and his wife listened too. 259 more words


Something’s Happening Outside………a Helpful Man Tried to Catch the Thief, Ended Up, Getting Stabbed to Death

The PRICE of ALTRUISM is still too great here, isn’t it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chuang in Kaohsiung yesterday before he went to bed, heard a loud raucous outside his place, found that there was a man, who tried to enter into someone else’s house to steal, he’d gone out, to catch him; in the process of their physical altercations, the other man took out a knife, and stabbed Chuang so many times in the chest, then ran, Chuang bled out, and the police are now, chasing the leads on this murderer. 393 more words