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A White Picket Fence By Any Other Name

Sitting on a futon, drinking home made iced tea from a pickle jar with my 48 year old neighbor, I begin to feel uncomfortable.

“So did she suck on your breasts?” he asks with mock naivete. 830 more words

fucking ironic.

she dreamed of being the perfect housewife,
with a white picket fence
and cookies in the oven;
neighborhood children coming round
and happy laughter and rising above… 212 more words


Letter to 30 year old me

You did it.

You finally did it. You got yourself a man/woman. You got yourself a little house like you wanted, with a little garden so you could have little you’s running around. 212 more words

My life goals 

  1. Have a career that I really enjoy and that fulfills my life financially
  2. See all the places on my travel bucket list ( https://travelchild95.wordpress.com/2016/11/08/bucket-list/ )
  3. 161 more words

It's My Damn Fairy-Tale and I Like it This Way

Once upon a time, I was the Little Red Riding Hood at the end of the story: you know the one who had already killed the wolf and was living happily ever after? 417 more words


Reflections on Roots and August's Progress

Among Goldberg’s writing exercise suggestions in Writing Down the Bones, she says to write about “this moment”and to write both sides of a point of view.   730 more words