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Because We Can't Escape, So We Pretend

We don’t know how we found ourselves here, but, because we can’t escape, so, we pretend…

Because we can’t escape, so we pretend, and yeah, it worked wonders, NOT having to deal with these problems that are comin’ towards us, to keep the wolves, FAR, FAR, FAR away, but, recently, those problems came back up again, and, because pretending worked the last time, we’d, pretended some more. 165 more words

Cost Of Living

A Twenty-One Year-Old Didn’t Heed the Advice of His Elders, Got Involved in Drugs, and Murdered His Own Grandparents, Then, Set Their Bodies on Fire

Another TRAGEDY, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Come quick, I’d murdered my grandma.” A man, Lee, in the city of Kaohsiung, early yesterday morn, reported it to the police, as the police came to the scene, they’d found an elderly woman, with multiple knife wounds, and another elderly man, in the bedroom, burnt to charcoal, and, they’d believed, that Lee, who’d reported had gotten high, and afterwards, murdered his own grandparents, then, set their bodies on fire.  1,233 more words

Cost Of Living

A Man Was Mocked “to Only Have the Abilities to Urinate Left”, He’d HACKED His Wife Up

This, I would imagine, would be, a build-up, to murder???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixty-three year-old man, Chang, early yesterday morning, used a kitchen knife, hacked his fifty-nine year-old wife to death, afterwards, he’d attempted suicide by crushing himself down with the steel gates, but because it was too painful, he couldn’t do it, he’d called the police; he’d falsely claimed to the police, that his wife would often come home in the middle of the nights, that early yesterday morns, she’d headed out again, he’d suspected she was having an affair, and she’d insulted him by saying, “you only have the ability to urinate left”, he couldn’t withhold his own anger, that, was why he’d gone to get the kitchen knife, and, hacked his own wife to death. 447 more words

Properties Of Life

A Wolf Used the Excuse of “I’m Feeling Depressed and Contemplating Suicide”, He’d “Swallowed” Her “Whole”

Preying on her emotions here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A janitor, at a namely hospital, Chen told his mildly retarded female coworker, “I feel awful, and I want to kill myself, have a drink with me”, he’d gotten her to go back to his residence, managed to get her drunk, and raped her; the woman’s mother couldn’t find her late in the nights, she’d called the police, and the police were able to track her using the GPS on her cell phone, managed, to rescue her, who was, already, DRUNK, and passed out on Chen’s home, and booked Chen based off of rape charges. 442 more words

Cost Of Living

Stories that Hurt

Don’t be so naïve, as to believe, that ALL stories have happy endings, because they don’t!  There are, stories that hurt, and, those, are usually the ones that make people twitch, flinch, or whatever, they’re the ones, that we ALL try to ignore, as we keep telling ourselves, that tomorrow will be a better day, and there would be, LESS bad news… 125 more words


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Yesterday I wrote about how I made my own alphabet and number Letterpress-style stamps using thrift store drinks coasters.

One of my favourite YouTube videos is of the awesome… 237 more words

AlyZen Moonshadow

The Faces of Buried Memories

There are, so many different faces that buried, as memories, and, you just cannot hide from them, NO matter how hard you’d tried.  The faces of buried memories, they will, NOT stay buried for long, because, someone’s BOUND to find the truth, and, those faces that are buried as memories, they’ll all, get DUG up. 207 more words