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The Case of the Murdering of an Japanese Adolescent, the Primary Suspect: I Hated Him for Telling on Me

People still MURDER one another, for the smallest things, don’t they???  They sure DO!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The youth, thirteen-year-old Uemura was murdered by the riverside of Tamagawa, the eighteen-year-old suspect admitted to the murders, just eight days ago before the incident, Uemura’s friend went to confront him, because he couldn’t hold down his anger, that, was why he’d murdered him. 285 more words

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A Young Married Woman Failed in Her Suicide Attempt, and Her Children Had Died

With a history of mental illness here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Lin, aged 32, with a history of depression, two afternoons ago, she took her eight year-old daughter and three-year-old son, checked into a motel, yesterday, they were found, to have passed out from overdosing on sleeping pills, the two children were found dead, after Lin passed out, she was taken to the hospitals, and is now, out of danger.  610 more words

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The Son Fell Off a Building and Died…the Cause of Death, Unspecified, There’s No Insurance Claims Paid

From the Newspapers, translated…

A college student, Chang fell downward from his fourteenth floor resident, his mother believed that it was an accident, asked the insurance company for a claim, but was denied; she’d sued for the insurance payment of two million dollars, the District Court of Shihlin believed, that although the cause of death on the death certificate was “unspecified”, there’s a huge change that it was a suicide, so the mother lost the case. 440 more words


I'm a Stray, the Perspective of a Dog, Abandoned

Found online, translated…

Just Walkin’ Alone, with Nowhere Particular to Go

Nothing to Hover Over My Head When the Rain Came Down on Me

Looked Here, and There Too, But Found Nothing Edible… 231 more words


The Children of Migrant Workers: Forgotten Beings

The sad stories of children, whose mother came here to work, for a better future, from the Front Page Sections, translated…


In the train stations, as well as the parks, you’d often seen the migrant workers from southeast Asia, accompanying the elderly on their walks, or caring for the next generations of the Taiwanese people.  739 more words


Another Unarmed Man Got Shot by the Police...

Another Unarmed, Minority Man Got Shot by the Police…

Call it another case like Ferguson if you will, and, this will still, keep repeating itself, until the world E-N-D-S, from… 441 more words

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A Marriage, Shaken Up by the Rumors of Divorce

You DO realize, how fragile a marriage can be, like Humpty Dumpty, right???

A marriage, shaken up by the rumors of divorce, you know, how the public works, right?   190 more words