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Trees of the Northern Forests

Stepping out into the vast forests of Southern Ontario invokes a sense of the magnificence and resilience of the Northern forest trees. Here, on this island in… 277 more words

For Love is Lord of All …

Life is fatal. It is not a question that we all die … but how we live.

To live is to love with a sense of community … since no one lives without the kindness and good will of others on some level. 185 more words

Anita S Tillemans

Building a Shed Part VII

My wife and I bought two old ten pane French windows a couple of years ago at a flea market. We knew as soon as we saw them that they would be perfect for the front of the shed.  353 more words


The Treasure in the Small Towns

There is something special about small towns; something wholesome about them that makes me nostalgic. Our family spent the 4th of July in White Pine, Tennessee, the small town where Will’s mom grew up just west of the Smoky Mountains. 684 more words


Pinus Parviflora Shohin

Today I have been working on this shohin white pine that I am looking after for a friend. It has good taper and interesting movement in the trunk and main branch. 35 more words

Some Random Thoughts on Bonsai Design

One of the great advantages of keeping a photographic record of your trees is that it allows you to consider and plan their future development as well as recording their actual development. 375 more words

Our Totem Pole

Warnings of severe thunderstorms, high winds and hail streamed across the television screen last Monday night.  Many practice drills in the West had prepared me to take shelter in the basement if this weather warning became a tornado.  1,192 more words