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Patio Chair Redo


I found some great vintage chairs to redo for my patio.  I couldn’t be trusted. Bud was possessed, got out his blow torch, torched and wire brushed the paint that was left.   108 more words


BLOG #4: Histories of Enslavement in the Maritime Atlantic

Histories of Enslavement in the Maritime Atlantic: Slave Labour, the Halifax and Bermuda Royal Naval Dockyards, and Shipbuilding in Bermuda and Grand Turk Island

Last week, team member Margot Maddison-MacFadyen visited the Nova Scotia Public Archives and uncovered connections between slavery, the Royal Dockyard at Halifax, and pine masts from the St. 2,630 more words

Margot Maddison-MacFadyen reblogged this on Storied Lives and commented:

This is my blog post that appeared earlier this week on EMPIRE TREES CLIMATE. I have reposted it to Storied Lives. It tells stories of enslavement in the Maritime Atlantic, including a story about Prince, the father of Mary Prince. Prince Trimingham was a sawyer owned by Bermudian shipbuilders Francis and Daniel Trimingham. He and another slave, Jim Trimingham, worked on the Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda, in 1796.

New Found Love for Cypress

I am currently working on installing a wood ceiling in the basement of my house. I thought it would be a great use of eastern white pine and a treat to actually do a little work on my own house. 539 more words


State Tree--White Pine

When asked “Whats your favorite tree”? My first response is Gingko–but then realizing most people don’t know this one of a kind species I say well native species would have to be the White Pine-which also happens to be Michigan’s State Tree. 94 more words


The Lamest of All the State Flowers...Or Is it?

Neither MrE nor myself have ever been to the US State of Maine. This isn’t so astonishing for my case, but my husband has been to 48 out of all 50 states, so far. 146 more words

State Flower Drawing

Pine Pasta

This is not the height of foraging season. We have loads of snow and the ground is frozen and completely inaccessible. Yet there is a surprising amount of wild edibles that can still be found and used at this time of year – mostly from trees. 512 more words


Revisiting a Raised-Root Cascade White Pine-

This tree has developed quite a bit in the last few years. The exposed roots have grown in size, and the development of the branches made our re-tweaking a bit more complete. 293 more words

Before And After