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A Guide to Christmas Tree Cutting

Picking a real Christmas Tree can be a big hassle. Going out to a farm, chopping down the tree with a hand saw, lugging it to your car, securing it to your car, and washing sap and pine needles off hands and clothes are just a few of the challenges one must face while picking the “perfect” tree. 521 more words


100 Day Project: # 38 White Pine

My favourite kind of pine! I love its shapely cone and it’s soft long needles. So when I spotted a cone of this tree today on my walk it became today’s subject. 14 more words


Re-Working a Pinus Parviflora

Gerry brought his chuhin white pine to my garden this week to get some advice on how to take it forward.

This is how it looked before the current work… 118 more words

Spectacular Colors!

Red maple

Red maple and White Pine

Mockernut Hickory

Flowering Dogwood

Black Oak

It’s a glorious time to be up in the branches!

Backyard Habitat

Middle of the road

This huge old white pine somehow survived the logging boom and still stands in the middle of the road that runs along the river in McGivern park.


Church Pond Reflections, Paul Smiths, Adirondacks 

There are little ponds and giant lakes all throughout the Adirondacks. It is a pleasure to silently paddle one in a wooden canoe and take in all the reflections and smell the hemlock and balsam fir trees. 88 more words


Immune-boosting Yumminess to Fend Off Fall Colds

This is the time of year when people are starting to get colds. It’s also the time of year when many of us begin to participate in more indoor activities that bring large numbers of people into small spaces but can also make it easier for people to catch viruses and other “bugs” from each other. 643 more words

Holistic Healing