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White queen cake

Vanille cake met twee lagen witte chocolade & aardbeien ganache, witte chocolade-cream cheese frosting en gedecoreerd met mokka boontjes, macarons, merengues, bonbons en chocorolletjes.

Taart & Cupcakes

March 1: Heliotrope

The flower for the first day of March is the deliciously scented Heliotrope. In the language of flowers, it means “I remain true. Devotion. Eternal Love. 103 more words

Language Of Flowers

Daily Draw: White Queen and Spider

Today’s draw is one of those where the charms really add to the message in a hard-core way. Look at the image: The white rose at the center of the White Queen card has been covered by the silver heart milagro, and the blood that drips from the rose now appears to be coming from the heart itself. 201 more words


He Said That? 2/22/16

From Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll, 1832-1898), British author, mathematician, Anglican clergyman, logician, and amateur photographer, Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871): 70 more words


Daily Draw: White Queen and Mercury Rising

Today is a day for letting things happen. Relax and stop trying to force it (whatever “it” is for you right now). You need a breather. 110 more words


White Queen

White Queen has come now,
To clothe all in purest white.
Hush of snow falling.


Emma Grace Frost (White Queen)

Let’s continue with casualgamer‘s list: this time, we meet one of the major mutants from the Marvel Universe, Emma Frost. She first appeared in the  1,218 more words