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Requested Essay: Jefferson Airplane

A Facebook friend of mine posted the Jefferson Airplane video below (“White Rabbit”) about an hour ago as her commentary on the academic job search. 315 more words



Despite the joys of chasing and eating nature, Kat Tai-Dai Mau admits that once in a while it can be pleasant just to watch and commune with it, especially on a lovely October day.

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T. Allen Culpepper

Alice in Wonderland: Drink Me

The Inspiration:

This November marks the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The classic children’s story combining maths and nonsense (I can’t always tell the difference) has been adapted countless times over the century and a half since its publication from Disney to Tim Burton…for Disney. 244 more words


Alice in Wonderland Garden

John sent me the picture below of a corn maze designed to look like a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

It got me thinking about Alice’s other outdoor appearances, like the Mad Tea Party topiary at Disney or the statue in Central Park, New York City. 126 more words

White Rabbit

My ex is crazy about anything doing with ALICE IN WONDERLAND.


Together, we love the song WHITE RABBIT from the Airplane’s first album, … 161 more words

My View Of The World

Feed Your Head (K├Âlsch Remix) - Paul Kalkbrenner

We’ve all heard the story of Alice; the girl in the blue dress who’s most famous for chasing rabbits down dark holes and into a realm so eccentric, that it could only exist in one’s head. 131 more words

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Chasing Deception

Take these bindings off my heart,
release me from your hold.

Set free my weary soul,
if our tomorrow will never come.

Don’t ask of me your curiosities, 67 more words