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Frigid, White Rabbit!

White Rabbit! :) It’s suddenly become rather frigid. I can’t complain except for trying to drive a car that’s been sitting out over night and you don’t remember to put your gloves on before putting your hands on the steering wheel. 262 more words

Rabbit Rabbit!

December is here! A good time to reflect on all that 2016 had to offer. A time to look around and be grateful for all that we have, no matter how big or how small. 43 more words


The Mythbusters return to Netflix in spin-off "White Rabbit Project’

Netflix has announced that it has united with the Mythbusters’ M7 team to bring us the “White Rabbit Project”, a spin-off from Discovery’s late science-based, mystery-solving show.   76 more words


White Rabbit - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


A film about a disturbed young man who suffered trauma early in life, and lost almost everything that created a silver lining in his life. 698 more words


White Rabbit in November

White Rabbit! I’ll have to make this entry brief as it’s late and I’m tired; I will write more, hopefully, tomorrow. Hope everyone has a wonderful November! 6 more words

Inktober: Messing with time

If you can mess with time

I bet you won’t spend it thinking how to rhyme

Unless you’re convinced that your life is nothing but fine… 9 more words