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chasing rabbits

i need to focus.

i have lots to do today and all manner of distractions everywhere. i stop to take my meds and swallow them with coffee rather than water (mistake) and the coating of the one pill slides across my tongue and just… clings… yuck… ptooey. 340 more words

Real Life

The White Rabbit

The next Documented Life Project I tackled was to involve layering while maintaining a focal point and the phrase was “Time Keeps on Ticking”.  I immediately thought of the White Rabbit from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’.   206 more words

He says: W is for Wonderland

“Mad Hatter: “Why is a raven like a writing-desk?” “Have you guessed the riddle yet?” the Hatter said, turning to Alice again. “No, I give it up,” Alice replied: “What’s the answer?” 255 more words


White Rabbit Teahouse: Naughty but Nice

One rainy Saturday afternoon we found shelter in the White Rabbit Teahouse in Nottingham city centre. Raining or not, we could have quite happily whiled away hours on end in this quaint little place. 419 more words


Monday Musings: The White Rabbit

Anyone who has read or watched Alice in Wonderland would remember the White Rabbit. He is the first character that Alice meets. Manic and frantic he is always on a rush. 303 more words


The Shadow of the White Rabbit

“Alice: How long is forever?

White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.”

― Lewis Carroll

T is for Time

time for tea,

tea for… 59 more words