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On The Water with Mississippi

Mississippi, Matt and his brown and Banning on some field testing Friday

YOU might think from some of the content on here that the crew around the shop spend all our water time together. 136 more words


Dally's Fly Fishing Report _ 8/27/15

Catching White River trout in high water conditions requires a different look at currents and depth than in low water. When the river is low, say less than 2,000cfs, the fish are fairly concentrated in the deeper pools and runs where they feel more comfortable as opposed to the shallow, exposed edges of the river. 551 more words


Sara Grace Rocks

Sarah Grace with a friend on Dry Run

Received a great note Saturday from Bill Pickens, of his grand-daughter _ including a video of her tying flies which we couldn’t open. 78 more words


Gage And Gene _ Chad Johnson Report

Gage with a nice brown with Chad _ Chad Johnson image

What a great day on the water with Mr. Gene and his grandson Gage. As you know from the last report with Gage, he had out grown Dry Run and wanted to fish the big rivers and boy did it pay off this trip!

94 more words

Hearn’s Return ….. with Davy & T-Bird

Jeff Hearn, Davy Wotton and a friend _ pic from Davy and T-Bird

IT WAS great to see our old mate Jeff Hearn back in town for a couple of week’s, in the midst of a stint teaching English to Chinese university students. 74 more words


Tasty & Meaty: More Streamer Choices

Nathanael getting a taste of the expanded streamer lineup from Angler’s Choice Flies

With the big water still around there has been a bunch of demand for streamer flies, the right streamer flies. 225 more words