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Chasing Raindrops to Glenwood

oooh boy.. I had fun today, sunday afternoon February 8, 2015; chasing light that turned into raindrops and smelled refreshing. Took off north, caught the storm clouds from our place in White Salmon (Mammatus clouds) 409 more words



You don’t want to hit a tree,

he said

(and I agreed).

And when you go over the falls,

don’t do it the usual way: 40 more words

Down the White Salmon and up Mt. Adams.

The weekend started with the down, rafting the White Salmon, an old lava tube worn down to a narrow canyon filled with the glacial run off from Mt. 372 more words


National Park on a National Holiday

To paraphrase the documentarian Ken Burns, the National Parks really are America’s best idea. I have yet to see one that fails to deliver awesome beauty; they are remote and rugged and yet have at the same time this gentle peacefulness that immediately puts me at ease. 976 more words