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[廢文回收] White Shirt的100種風格

廢文回收是佬訊一路都想做的系列。想當初成立佬訊時的其中一個原因,就是覺得市面上有關男士風格/品味的文章,不是太求其,就是太商業化。將men’s style去商業化的大業,佬訊努力緊;而題目有趣但寫得求其的,佬編想打救佢。所以,廢文回收系列將會周圍取材,將別人有趣的題目用最短的時間,重寫到佬訊接受到的水平。基於時間緊拙,如有甩漏,還請諸君多多指教。 70 more words


Lake Zbilje

How quickly the seasons change. These photographs were taken only a few weeks ago on a very sunny Sunday and just a few days ago we had our first snow in Ljubljana. 107 more words

Trendy Workwear: Knot Skirts and Polka Dots #OOTD

My friend, Duygu is my go-to person for all the crazy fashion obsessive stuff I want to do (including manic window shopping). And there is a reason for that. 147 more words


Lana Del Rey Was Right About Blue Jeans And White Shirts

…They do make your eyes burn. Seriously, they are a staple in fashion of women alike. Easy, simple, and always effortless chic. What’s great about blue jeans and a white shirt is how much fun you can have playing them up. 214 more words

Take A Peek In My Closet

The Most Versatile Clothing | The White Oxford Button-Up

As men all we wear is because it has a purpose.
We don’t dress ourselves with clothes that are excess, and we all spend most of the… 80 more words