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Chewy Cherry Pecan Cookies

This cookie is pretty much like your favorite chewy chocolate chip cookie, but with dried cherries and pecans.

I have both unsweetened dried Bing cherries and… 272 more words


Almond Cookies

CNY is upon us. My favourite goodies is the peanut cookies. I also like the almond, walnut and basically anything with nut type of cookies. I was planning to bake all the different nut cookies, but I decided it was not worth the trouble. 330 more words

White Sugar

Bumpy Road Brownies

These little oozy, gooey squares of rich, chewy chocolate goodness are perfect for…well pretty much anytime.  I’ve been making a non-chocolate based version of these for years.  777 more words


Difference between White Sugar and Raw Sugar

Indeed, even the individuals who know and utilize raw sugar are not almost certain about the contrasts between white sugar and raw sugar. Give us a chance to investigate these two distinct sorts of sugars. 961 more words


Difference between White Sugar and Brown Sugar

Whether some espresso in the morning or some other beverage like chocolate, plain drain or any shake, we utilize sugar liberally. At that ocassion, there are cakes, scones, and treats that can’t be made without sugar. 931 more words


Creme Brûlée

I tried making creme brulee with just an oven. Despite trying to melt it with the broiler setting, the sugar just doesn’t melt. Originally I followed the recipe from… 315 more words

White Sugar

Oreo Cream Cheese Cookies

Well because my cream turn to butter, I have to do something as to not waste away the butter. I have soften cream cheese ready to go, and what better way to make some cookies. 153 more words

White Sugar