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A new election: marching with Martin Luther King Jr.

By Irene Rasmussen, Newport, Oregon

Every few generations, people have a chance to truly define themselves by supporting a great and noble cause.

I am going on 50, yet I have never, before now, felt myself to be in that position. 623 more words

The circus was cancelled

A couple weeks ago I scheduled an appearance on Nick Spero’s Circus Maximus Internet Radio Show on the Renegade Broadcasting channel.

Nick is a conspiracy theorist, White Nationalist (aka White Supremacists), who actually believes that the Jews run the world, or that they are a grave threat to the world, or some such nonsense. 387 more words

JKL News

British-Indian restaurant targeted by KKK supporters

The restaurant has been targeted by racists (Picture: Tripadvisor)The KKK is an American white supremacist group, but their moniker is being used to target innocent victims in the UK too.

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Anti-immigrant and white supremacist, maybe. But is the alt-right anti-Semitic?

JTA — Can you go alt-right without going anti-Semitic?

The movement that has emerged from conservatism — and in some ways has turned against it — appears to be nudging its way into the American mainstream as it attaches itself to the success of Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee. 1,099 more words

Daily News

Disregard Glorious Leaders of All Kinds

The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist (AKA Neo-Nazi) website, regularly endorses Donald Trump, going so far as to call him “our glorious leader.”  Think about that.   249 more words

White Supremacists Enter Houston's 3rd Ward Carrying Confederate Flags & Racist Slogans

Armed with assault rifles, confederate flags and white supremacist slogans, a group of the extreme fascist right-wing calling itself ‘white lives matter’ stood on the grounds of the Houston Chapter of the historic civil rights organization – the N.A.A.C.P. 466 more words