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Kansas City shooter: ‘I had a patriotic intent to stop genocide’


(JTA) — The white supremacist charged with killing three people outside two Jewish facilities in a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas, told a jury he is not guilty because he merely was trying to “defend my people against genocide.” 190 more words

Daily News

Nashville Hotel Cancels Reservations For White Supremacist Group

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (CBS Atlanta) — A Tennessee hotel cancels reservations for members of a white supremacist organization that was holding an annual event this weekend. 232 more words


European Scientist Concede White People are Inbred Mutant Albinos

By Ann Gibbons

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI—Most of us think of Europe as the ancestral home of white people. But a new study shows that pale skin, as well as other traits such as tallness and the ability to digest milk as adults, arrived in most of the continent relatively recently. 929 more words

Anti-Government Violence and Sovereign Citizens

The following is a list of anti-government violence in the U.S. and Canada (pdf)

Date    STATE  Name(s)  Affiliation(s)  Legal Outcome/Attacker Disposition

06/18/15 WA James Faire & Angeline Nobilis Militia/Sovereign Resisting eviction 1 civilian 1 civilian. 943 more words

Conspiracist Psychology

First Fox Debate Included Repeated Questions On Islamic Terrorism, Zero On White Supremacist Attacks

In the first GOP debate, consisting of the seven candidates whose poll numbers failed to put them in the top 10 prime-time debate, Fox News moderators asked question after question about how the contestants would confront ISIS and other Islamic extremists in the U.S. 258 more words


Republican White Supremacist Blows Leg off Trying to Make Bomb

Another Faux News listener, and confederate flag waiver. Making bombs filled with BBs and nails…

“Republican” you ask…Look at the Bush/CHeney signs still hanging up in the garage. 418 more words


New York white supremacist blows off his own leg while making bombs at his house: prosecutors

New York white supremacist blows off his own leg while making bombs at his house: prosecutors


An upstate New York man who blew his leg off in his garage making improvised explosive devices will be held in federal custody without bail because law enforcement found white supremacist paraphernalia and believe he’s dangerous, 365 more words