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Pic of the Day

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South Carolina’s director of public safety, Leroy Smith, helps a man wearing a Nazi t-shirt up the stairs at a KKK white supremacist rally after it appeared he was suffering from heat exhaustion… 86 more words


[VIDEO] White supremacist shot in attempted attack at Ft. Myers, Fl Waffle House

Man shoots racist attacker in self-defense at Fort Myers Waffle House and it’s all caught on tape. The attack victim had a concealed carry permit and no charges were filed against Jehrardd Williams for defending himself. 71 more words

The C-Note Files

#WhiteGenocide is Utter Bullshit

Of late I’ve been wrangling with a few white supremacist loons on Twitter from the nonsense-hashtag #Whitegenocide, all thanks to my friend there @Seculawyer who seems to have been sparring with them for a while. 782 more words


Abortion: Final Refuge of the White Supremacist

I have found little desire to comment on the recent blowup over videos showing Planned Parenthood officials selling body parts of the murdered unborn. It’s akin to someone showing me a video of a soldier shooting someone and then saying, “Can you believe soldiers actually kill people?” 756 more words


Black Trooper & White Supremacist photo goes viral on social media

A picture speaks a  thousand words.

A Black South Carolina State Trooper supporting a white man wearing a white supremacy t-shirt, also known as the KKK. 111 more words