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trump and bannon clueless about EU

according to an article published today in reuters, steven bannon, who some refer to as trump’s in-house neo-nazi , but whose official title is chief strategist (who is also–for some inexplicable reason a member of trump’s national security council), had a conversation with a german diplomat and… 496 more words


Man with white supremacist ties accused of plotting attack ‘in the spirit of Dylann Roof’

By Matt Zapotosky

A South Carolina man with white supremacist connections and an apparent admiration for Charleston, S.C., church shooter Dylann Roof was arrested Wednesday and accused of plotting an attack, not knowing he was describing his plans to an undercover FBI employee. 530 more words

Black Lives Matter

ICYMI: Berkeley speech fiasco a grotesque theatre of the absurd: Michael Coren

One of the better commentaries on free speech, Berkeley, violence and white supremacists:

The violence at Berkeley, and at other such events for that matter, is completely unacceptable.

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Steve Bannon in control...Trump unnerved; by Chuck Duboff

©Chuck Duboff

The perception is, Donald, that your cabin boy, Steve Bannon, is making all the policy decisions; your inability to understand his ideas and what they mean, leaves us all believing that you are merely his puppet…given that you can barely read and have the attention span of a gnat…Steve Bannon is putting in place his Alt Right, white supremacist agenda, which is making you look like a buffoon.


FBI’s Quiet Probe of White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement – Portside

WHITE SUPREMACISTS AND other domestic extremists maintain an active presence in U.S. police departments and other law enforcement agencies. A striking reference to that conclusion, notable for its confidence and the policy prescriptions that accompany it, appears in a classified FBI Counterterrorism Policy Guide from April 2015, obtained by The Intercept. 284 more words

Law Enforcement

Trump/Bannon removes White Supremacist groups from terror watch

Why would domestic terror not be something for the U.S. to focus on?  Law enforcement agencies see more activities from right-wing extremist groups than Islamic extremist on U.S. 1,012 more words