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Thanksgiving For the Rest of Us

This Thanksgiving sermon was preached at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Huntington following the shootings in Colorado Springs, Minneapolis and the protests in Chicago.

Last Sunday, I was in our large church in Dallas, Texas, celebrating the ordination of a colleague into our Unitarian Universalist ministry. 2,698 more words


Pushing Back on Privilege - Race.

One of the ways to be and act as an ally is to not only acknowledge but push back against your own privileges and positions within society. 466 more words

Monolog of a [W]hite Supremacist Part V

He has a schizophrenic take on the ego. In the past he defended the ego as a vital force for survival. But sometimes he dismisses the ego as an antiquated concept. 1,030 more words

My Interllectural Thansgiving

I went to my famply’s house for Thansgiving. They such dum peple! So i ask why thay prayin, becose God he dont exhist and its jist stopid to say prairs to him and then my sister she started cryin, she is such a idjit, and i pashently tryin to explane there isnt no god and finely my Dad he puls me off my chare and push me out the dore. 223 more words

Just For Fun


Today, there was a five hour long standoff in a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic that ended with three dead and several others injured. So far, the exact motivations haven’t been discussed but… 596 more words

In a world of chaos and pain, it is all the more necessary to take stock of the ways that God has proven Himself faithful. … 993 more words


Im awake

I used to hate History class, maybe because deep inside of my being I unconsciously knew that what I was being taught wasn’t real history… but now that I’m older, and wiser I’m learning the real from the fake, I’m aware and I’m awake.