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Have you noticed?

Have you noticed…

Our Hollywood movies would be cleaner, wholesome, moral and realistic under Jewish direction?

Have you noticed…

Only IsRAel and Jews are attacked by terrorists? 308 more words


The Harmful Effects of Knowing Your Rapist

Research Assistant Sarah Guerette and Professor Sandra Caron conducted an experiment that measured the actions of rape victims after their assault. They gathered 12 female college students to participant in an interview which consisted of a series of questions that related to the purpose of their study. 581 more words


The People Vs. Arrest and Seizures

The Case of Michael Moore

Four times. That’s how many times an off duty officer of Mobile, Alabama shot and killed Michael Moore. He was as young as nineteen years old and driving through the neighborhood with two of his friends. 1,091 more words


Is Bill Maher Favoring Ratings Over American Principles?

When comic Bill Maher announced that he would allow right wing extremist and ‘hate monger’ Milo Yiannopoulos on his HBO show, ‘Real Time with Bill Maher,’ I was disappointed. 449 more words

Is there a need to celebrate black history month?

Yes there is a damn need to celebrate black history month. Many question the purpose of black history month and whether it serves a purpose today. 318 more words

Black Skin

Hear You

Tangaroa talk to me

What did Papa say

What do you think I should do


Papa tell me

what did Tangaroa tell Aho’eitu to tell us all… 23 more words