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"Steven D", Daily Kos - "What Do Conservatives Want When They Say 'I Want My Country Back?'"

“So, when I hear someone say that they want to take their country back, I cannot help but look at the person making that statement and wonder, which country do they want?   121 more words


Thinking about all that is going on within my own mind and all that is happening all around South Africa. I feel as though we (as the Christian community – more so the black Christian community ) really, really need to get up and get things done. 310 more words


early spring book reports -- don delillo, sci-fi stories, "metahistorical romance"

This blog got neglected this month. My last semester hasn’t been demanding but I still let it take over most of my bandwidth. Another thing is that I’ve been reading a lot of stuff from normative folx, and their writing inhabits a white, heternormative and male-focused space, so I’m less keen to write my responses to them. 1,348 more words

White Supremacy

Black Woman Locked In Psych Ward For 8 Days Because Cops Couldn’t Believe She’s A Businesswoman
Author: Kerry-Anne March 24, 2015 1:41 pm

An African American business woman from Long Island was drugged and locked in a hospital psych ward for eight days because first police, and then doctors could not believe her high-powered career was real.

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When it comes to UK foreign policy, is it devil in a blue tie, devil in a red tie?

by Robert Kazandjian Follow @RKazandjian

On the 7th of May, British citizens go to the polls. The mainstream media is currently sweltering, overcome by election fever. 2,067 more words


Calls For Police Drones Renewed Following Shooting Of SJPD Officer

SAN JOSE (KCBS) – The use of drones by law enforcement agencies in the Bay Area has been a point of contention, with many leaders and activists fearful that it will intrude on their privacy. 320 more words


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Say bye bye to your rights. Especially for people of color!

Statement from Action in Dahlonega: Dahlonega Nugget Cover Story Reinforces Oppressive Attitudes

Here’s a statement from the local Action in Dahlonega collective about the ongoing controversy around the University of North Georgia’s continuing education catalog and its implicit racist and sexist attitudes: 483 more words

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