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Show up, Stand up, Speak up

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The strongest thing allies of groups being oppressed is to speak up! People against black people do not listen with understanding and compassion to black people speaking; but they will with white people. 123 more words

"Kill the Yankee!" Politics and the Maltreatment of Reverend William C. Clark

William Clark could have gotten away with the crime of being antislavery on a steamboat full of Missourians. He had a close call when he stood up to defend… 537 more words

Road To War

The downside of Love is Love

​The fact that people think interracial love somehow excludes them from racial issues or for lack of better words “makes the world better with love” obviously hasn’t become knowledgeable or educated on what exactly white supremacy and racism is. 223 more words

Being Black

Summer camp for black children provokes outrage; parents angered by ‘exclusion of white children’: Why do these people never challenge white supremacy? — Black Women of Brazil

Note from BW of Brazil: In today’s post we feature an excellent example of how racism and white supremacy is maintained in Brazil while citizens and leaders of the country insidiously proclaim the country to be a place where “we are all equal”.

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The Bible and the Maltreatment of Reverend William C. Clark

As he explained in his letter to George Brown, the Reverend William C. Clark visited Kansas in the fall of 1855. He left in September, aiming to go back and spread the good word about the territory in New England. 599 more words

Road To War

S.W.A.D. - Specific White Amnesic Disorder

I have a clinical term I will present to the DSM this year to list amongst the thousands of others they have voted in over the last half a century. 676 more words