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'India's Daughters'- Ugly, 'white supremacy' or Sour Truth India Cannot Deal With???

To honor the International Women’s Day, a major documentary is about to release this March 2015. The documentary called ‘India’s Daughters’ made by Leslee Udwin, a British Filmmaker. 1,492 more words

Blogs Like This Need NOT Follow Me

@MixdGrlProblems on Tumblr: I may be mixed, but I’m not sure why you just followed me. I am not down with the HOT-MESS you are talking in your bio. 154 more words

The Logic of Whiteness

by Ronald A. Kuykendall

The recent fatalities involving black men and white police have a long history, coupled with a pattern of government inaction and unwillingness to take action against white perpetrators and police abuse in cases of violence against African Americans. 2,023 more words

Academic Space

"An Avatar Of White Primacy": Rudy Giuliani, Once Heroic, Now Simply Foolish

Amazing. Just … amazing.

Here we are, six years later, six years of mom jeans and golf dates and taking the girls for ice cream. And yet, some of us are still hung up on the perceived “otherness,” the “not like us”-ness, of Barack Obama. 633 more words

Fox News

Chapel Hill Shooting: When the media became deaf, dumb and blind.

“A white American radical atheist terrorist, shot dead three young Muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina”

Shouldn’t this have been the headline that dominated newspaper front covers and breaking news bulletins on 11th February after Deah Shaddy Barakat his wife, Yusur Mohammed Abu Salha and her sister, Razan Abu Salha Mohammed were murdered by Stephen Craig Hicks. 939 more words

Nazis in America

I was honored to participate in the American Heroes Channel Codes and Conspiracies series – American Nazis episode.  This is a clip of my comments. 7 more words

Crime And Security

Three Men Have Been Sentenced & Thrown In Prison For The Brutal Death Of James Craig Anderson

Three White men (William Kirk Montgomery, Joseph Paul Dominick and Jonathan Kyle Gaskamp) have been sentenced to federal prison for the murder of… 365 more words