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Salon argues that white supremacy renders Independence Day holiday a 'false start'

Woke up eagerly anticipating the inevitable @Salon article slamming the Fourth of July. I'm guessing "Why the 4th Is Racist Against Gays."

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) …

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Billboard: Kendrick Lamar Responds to Geraldo Rivera - 'Hip Hop Is Not the Problem, Our Reality Is'

Kendrick Lamar: “Hip-hop is not the problem. Our reality is the problem of the situation. This is our music. This is us expressing ourselves. Rather going out here and doing the murders myself, I want to express myself in a positive light the same way other artists are doing. 54 more words


Domestic Terrorism & Intimidation

Trying to make sense out the barrage of attacks against Black people.  There are too many police killings and assaults of Black people for this to be a coincidence; somebody high up is signaling it’s okay.   737 more words

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What Will Today Bring

I outstretched my hand and the little spider fled.

I wondered if that is what white supremacy felt like.

Although we are all miracles,

I liked that I was more powerful than something.

Americanism inebriates me.


Africans Unlike Me

Lately, in debates on white supremacy and racism, I keep getting responses from white people to the effect that I am wrong because they “know Africans who would disagree” with me. 575 more words


White Supremacy and Violence

So back in early May, while the Baltimore protests were going on, Rabbi Benjamin Blech wrote an article about violence in the riots. I’m linking you to Aish.com, but I first saw it in the May 8th – 14th edition of the Long Island Jewish World. 3,584 more words