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White Nationalist Richard Spencer Congratulates Donald Trump on His N.H. Victory

Donald Trump was widely believed to be the favorite in the New Hampshire primary after maintaining a solid lead in the Granite State for months. After suffering a small setback in Iowa, Trump improved his ground game and proved the pollsters correct, winning with 34% of the vote. 311 more words


More than Friends: Subverting NBC's Friends

“At first glance, Friends is an innocent, family-friendly sitcom. However, it contains problematic and discriminatory themes, reinforcing hegemonic expectations […] Friends serves as a medium through which white and heterosexual hegemony are reinforced.” 197 more words

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Tosh.N0: Challenging the Hegemonic Humor of Tosh.0

“‘Rape jokes are never funny,’ shouted a woman in the audience at a comedy show in Los Angeles in 2012. Daniel Tosh swiveled his body and gazed at her, then looked back at the audience and asked, “Wouldn’t it be funny if she got raped by, like, five guys? 322 more words

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Destitution (Cherita)

water is a natural resource

manipulated by man
conduit for devil’s work

poisoning our people
as babies wail
with lead filled veins

©2016 Liza Morales



Why We Don't Need a White History Month.

Each year when Black History Month happens, there always seem to white people who are outraged that there’s no designated White History Month. But the thing is that we (white people) … 334 more words

one drop rule

I stand corrected.

My sister spent a couple of days at a friend’s house out of town over the weekend. And she became the butt of every black stereotype joke he and his bros could throw at her. 332 more words

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[VIDEO] What Happens When The KKK, The Sons Of Confederate Veterans And The NAACP Get Together?

Georgia is a mixture of liberal and conservative, white and black, young and old, Democrat and Republican.

On any given Sunday people of all backgrounds argue about politics and religion. 113 more words