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Pedro Toppin: Staff ready to leave Sugar Bay!

BARBADOS.   Pedro Toppin bringing down Sugar Bay–staff ready to leave.  Dear Naked, this man just doesn’t know when to stop so he sent home the beloved Shakenya Adams finally but we all know he will still deal with her on the side.   465 more words


Black Lives Sacrificed

I’m finally back from exam purgatory and what’s a better welcome back than discussing the paradox of black soldiers . Today’s Memorial Day, a holiday set aside to commemorate those that died in service to the ideals of the United States. 810 more words


The African Crisis: How do you get the white man out of you

THE WORLD/AFRICA —  VIDEO — Post Traumatic Slavery Disease – Loving the oppressor and hating the oppressed.  The college educated negro is seldom of any use to his race.   26 more words


Links to My Recent Writing on Other Sites

This blog is less active these days because I’m busy writing for other publications including The Establishment, Decoder, and Huffington Post. Here are my most recent published pieces: 370 more words

Shameless Self Promotion

The white man is being oppressed!?!?!?!

Rush, Newt and other right-wingers decide that Sonia Sotomayor is a racist. Project much?

You might not think, in that world, that early opposition to the court nominee would involve accusing her of being racist and sexist, and steadily questioning her intelligence in a way that implies she’s an affirmative action pick.

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Racial Mascotry and the Space for "Enlightening Discussions"

Over the last several years, as students and activists of color have been increasingly organizing around issues of racial (and economic) injustice particularly as affects them, you may have also noticed more than a fair share of pushback from mainstream and liberal publications (whereas previously most of the counter-resistance was from conservative outlets). 905 more words


Remember Venezuela in your prayers

THE WORLD/VENEZUELA (Naked Departure)  In the last few weeks the government have deliberately downsized by shutting down most of its offices 6 days a week. Electricity and water are being rationed and many areas of the country are barely surviving as a result. 19 more words