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Mmmm . . . Tea . . .

Today’s post is short. But sweet.

Seems like a lot of knitters enjoy tea (and cats, but I’m allergic).  So I’ll post my tastings occasionally in case you find it interesting. 128 more words

Midwest Tea Fest

I don’t know about you, but I hardly ever come across any piece of food that I don’t know what to do with. Recently this happened to me: Friends brought me a gift from Japan, which is a great idea, because I think in Japan you can get the most interesting, often bordering “strange” food items. 1,035 more words


Review: Steven Smith Teamaker White Petal

Overall Rating:

Taste: 4.5 of 5 leaves – Quite a good cuppa!

Steepability: 3 of 5 leaves — this tea is a bit delicate

Katie says: 323 more words

Tea Review

White tea

White tea my precious one…is like drinking gold! Today my beautiful ones you will learn why..

Texture & looks : First of all most of white teas look the same, shreded pieced, irregular & flowy with colors like pale green with hint of silver & gray, except for the silver needle that are long, thin leaves with a silver with white highlights. 152 more words

Healthy Plants

The Tea Process

From withering to drying, the same Camellia sinensis tea leaf is treated differently during the process to produce the very different aroma and flavour effects of white, green and black teas. 216 more words

Black Tea

A special tea

So, Sri Lanka formerly known as Ceylon. Mostly you get to see the tea plantations on the central island in the hills with its mystical touch, the mist and breathtaking sourroundings. 227 more words

Sri Lanka