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Spillin' the Tea: Health Benefits of Tea

“Dear Autumn, I have come to the firm conclusion that tea is magic.” – Carrie Hope Fletcher

As the colder months arrive, college students find themselves locked in the library for hours, bundled up in scarves and coats, running from one extracurricular activity to the next. 583 more words

Tea as Medicine

Teas are an abundant source of health benefits, such as healthy skin, a boost to your metabolism, and a home remedy for multiple kinds of ailments.  609 more words


China ~ 2012 Fuding Shou Mei White Tea Cake | TeaVivre

Hello! I am back again with yet another tea review.

I have been quite busy the last few weeks with lots of incoming tea packages so I have a lot of different teas (some that I’m very excited about) to review. 410 more words


Currently Steeping: Harney & Sons' Winter White Earl Grey

Normally around this time in March, I would start drinking teas that remind me that Spring is coming. However, this March has been filled with a couple of snow storms, with more snow forecasted for next week. 393 more words

Currently Steeping

Practicing Self-Love with Pure Sunshine Tea

I discovered the beauty of the ginger/white tea combination serendipitously at a coffee shop in Berlin, when I tried to spice up white tea with another herb that the coffee shop had on the menu – ginger. 76 more words


How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

If you were to look, you’d find legends for nearly every variety of tea throughout the east. It’s been steamed and ground into powder, plucked and pan-fried, oxidized and aged deep inside caves. 1,242 more words