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Shou Mei Cha 寿眉茶

Longevity Tea

Written by Mark Bell 钟马克
21 April 2016

Often when writing these posts I do so whilst enjoying a cup of tea, sometimes I’ll find any excuse to enjoy a good brew. 385 more words


There really is no set definition to what white tea is, but it is typically minimally processed and made from young buds and leaves that are steamed or fired to inactivate polyphenol oxidase.” Interesting. 67 more words

For the tea lovers

Yesterday evening i had a post like from someone (https://teaandscandal.com)  which make me remember how much I enjoy a cup of tea and what was my initial plan..can’t share it yet:)!or i already told you???not a big deal! 297 more words

Sweet Delights

What is white tea and how to brew a perfect cup

What is white tea?

We are half way through spring and summer seems close enough. April is also the time when the tea harvesters, from Fujian mainly, pluck just the buds of… 360 more words


Our Awesome Nepal White Tea

We work directly with Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden for the teas that we sell from their gardens each year. This tea really impressesd us with its brisk flavor and fresh, exhuberant aroma. 83 more words

List of Chinese Taiwanese and Japanese Tea

Tea Classifications

Written by Mark Bell 中马克
13 April 2016

Tea Categories

English Name Pinyin Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Origin Place 688 more words

Hello from Hitchcock Blonde

Hello everyone,

I am known as the Hitchcock Blonde…the blonde curls and blue eyes must be something to do with it! I am a writer and model with a love of tea! 85 more words

Green Tea