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Jaguars and Cougars and Tigers and Lions, Oh My!

The lioness was sitting right next to the window, first time that she was wide awake.

Love the big cats!

Have a great day!

Terry… 96 more words

TEN Common Myths About White Tigers – Debunked !

So much misinformation, where to start ? Here are the 10 most common myths circulating about White Tigers, with the reasons why they are indeed myth not truth. 1,386 more words

Panthera Tigris

Some Chick White Tiger In India is Getting Pissed Because The Male White Tiger Wont Fuck Her

I feel bad for my boy, Vishal here. Guy’s going through a mid life crisis and here Rupa is just making things worse by chasing and scratching him trying to get him to fuck her only thinking about her own needs. 510 more words

More Bedroom Cosplay

These days everyone wants their ladies to look like Harley Quinn.  Do not forget there are plenty of unknown heroes and villains for chicks to cosplay.  22 more words


#0654: White Tiger



What’s this? Two female figures in a row? That’s crazy! Well, okay, not really. But it is somewhat out of the ordinary. 569 more words


"White Tiger" is a victim of its own seriousness

Unkillable Russian soldiers. Magical Nazi tanks. Sounds like the makings of a raucous, if not quite well-made, war movie from the 70’s. Or maybe a modern day lovechild of Timur Bekmambetov and Matthew Vaughn, highly tongue-in-cheek, highly ludicrous, a winking ode to raucous, not quite well-made war movies from the 70’s should there prove not to be one already about unkillable Russians and magical tanks. 700 more words