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Siapa sih orang yang pertama kali menyebutkan rasa asin? Artinya, kenapa asin itu harus dinamain asin? Kenapa penemu kata asin itu menamainya asin? 779 more words

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I am back after a week of cacooning from social media! We finished the first round of the Raising Lightfilled Children eCourse, so whilst I wasn’t present here I was still very much working away on that. 626 more words

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One facet of White Tiger’s Metal energy is inspiration, and it manifests in creativity. Only clear minds innovate.‬
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Белый Тигр /White tiger (2012)

Apenas ha llegado hasta nosotros el título ruso Белый Тигр (White Tiger, 2012; ni siquiera traducido al español), una producción rusa ambientada en la Segunda Guerra Mundial que esconde detrás de su argumento bélico una evidente parábola sobre la historia rusa y su condición geopolítica. 713 more words


Feng Shui Fun On The Run

White Tiger’s heavenly Metal energy resonates in the color white, and the shapes of circles, domes, and arches.‬
Learn how to support your Heaven energy with Feng Shui. 6 more words

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Feng Shui Fun On The Run

The “killing gaze of the White Tiger” describes the bright heat of the setting Western sun. Add cool shade to cure.‬
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