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Tucked away in Missouri’s Mark Twain National Forest, lies the Huzzah Valley Resort. It’s a place where weenies sizzle, tents rattle with love, and part-time drunkards chart a course through the Ozark hills, by way of the muddy Huzzah Creek. 579 more words


Pretty Flamingo

I’ll say it right up front—I love pink plastic flamingos.

So do a lot of people here in the South. A few put them right in front of their houses for all the world to see, not giving a fig what said world thinks. 323 more words

Ramblings And Ruminations

WTF song

Here is a WTF song from 1991 you probably never heard from a band you definitely never heard of.

White Trash

How could I possibly resist a book with this title? Especially after seeing the sub-title: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America. See, I am not looking for pure sensationalism. 253 more words

Baby Boomer

Purging the Reservoir

My neck tarnished

stretches of veins collapsing around the dirt that holds fast to my collar.

Riches from a blue sky have deemed my whiteness in such a way that…I wish the lies to be truth. 31 more words


Book Review: William Melvin Kelley ~ A Different Drummer (1962)

A Different Drummer is set in America’s deep south in the segregation era. The principal black character is Tucker Caliban working for the family that had, generations previously, owned slaves including Tucker’s great grand-father. 259 more words


The Trumping Show

I don’t watch much television, but the current top rating show coming out of Washington has me shaking my head in wonder at the scripting and production values. 269 more words