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WordPress Thinks I'm Trash

Hey everybody, it’s me again. The elusive Lyz. Don’t worry, I’ll be back here full force coming soon. But in the meantime, WordPress has decided out of nowhere that I am trash and has been tossing all of my comments to you all into your spam folders. 412 more words


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Before and After: clean slate

There are few better ways to bring a fresh start to a home than by painting it white and you know how I love this color. 147 more words

Before And After

Bedroom Update

When Greg and I first bought our townhouse we knew we needed to cosmetically update the house- I’m talking brown walls, ceiling fans, brown tiles.. the whole lot.. 262 more words


Before and After: Full renovation in LA

This renovation has all the ingredients that I like: white, plenty of light and a mid century vibe. Originally constructed in 1920, this house has been renovated several times resulting in a disjointed mix of additions over the years. 181 more words


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The Breakup Poem: For When The Walls Come Crashing Down

White Walls
I was born in a room with white walls

White ceiling

Linoleum floors

Antiseptic smell

Conceived in a new house

With white walls… 162 more words