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White Wash is the dreamy electronica you need to hear pronto

If you haven’t already got Australian musician Connor Brooker on your radar, now is definitely the time. This guy wears a lot of musical hats — from the garagey, pop punk vibes of Pro Vita, to the bright, upbeat earworms of Bugs, the bedroom indie pop under his own name, or the dreamy electronica of White Wash — one thing is certain, he can write a great hook. 93 more words

Discovery Room

Antsy, Anonymous Individual(s)?

Progress is slow but improving. If you weren’t so critical of me making mistakes in the past, I’d be moving faster now. Yes, I’m scared, and yes I don’t want to let anymore people down than what I already have. 262 more words


Whitewashing - Cheap lies

Whitewashing: Distortion of the facts to glorify the results, particularly by those in authority.

The first recorded use of the term was as far back as 1591. 44 more words


Raise the Roof

Low ceilings in old homes? Just “raise the roof”. Original ceilings were 6’9″. In this example, the attic was incorporated and used to add more height to the upstairs rooms. 13 more words

Design Insights

Fireplace Makeover - Phase One

When my husband and I moved into our house we painted over our dark fireplace mantel  and uncovered the existing brick that had been tiled over.  909 more words

Home Decor

Animology: White Wash Shampoo review

In September we received the Animology White Wash shampoo as a free sample to try out on Oscar.

Initial thoughts

The design of the bottle is simple yet effective with all the relevant information such as the ingredients list and key words like ‘deodorising’ and ‘pH balanced’. 321 more words

Cocker Spaniel

Blue Streak

I love to peruse the magazine section when I go to a bookstore. I gravitate toward the watercolor magazines and buy one now and then. However, I find that I rarely read them once I get home.  257 more words

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