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A Lot Like Pure

Days are not expected to be good always. To make a day perfect is to do what makes you feel a lot like in heaven.


WHITE ELEPHANT 3 x 210er Box Meerschaumfilter 8mm Natur Meerschaum Filter Pfeife Tips

Keramikkappen auf beiden Seiten, KEIN PLASTIK. In der praktischen 210er BIGBOX (Sparpack) Meerschaum ist ein natrlich vorkommendes Mineral (“Sepiolith”) Fr Pfeifen oder direkt zum Eindrehen. Durchmesser 8mm Macht den Rauch angenehm khl und filtert Kondensat. VE: 3 Boxen; 1 Box = 210 FilterRead more…


Red, black & white

Short post today! I’m catching Ponniyin Selvan at Music Academy! Can’t wait to see it.

Shirt: Forever 21, Jeans & shoes: Zara, Watch: Hilfiger.

Red, white, and black is such a classic combination. 87 more words


Nature | Aquilegia

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Description From Photographer if Any:

By Ajsha

Source: 500px.com



Read this: “doing” : like “do-ing”.

Now read this: “doing” : in a way that rhymes with “boing”

This is why English is a second language for people… 13 more words