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Obama and Romney Debate: The 9 Best Tweets from Last Night

Congratulations, People of Twitter: you collectively sent a stunning 10.3 million tweets last night during the 90-minute debate. While most of them revolved around the impending death of Big Bird under a Romney administration, there were a number of gems — from politicos, comedians and average Joes alike. 12 more words


Michelle Obama Wins Critical First Lady Cookie Contest

Every presidential election, Family Circle magazine hosts a cookie contest between the two potential first ladies. And this bake-off isn’t just a quaint exercise in to prove a prospective First Lady’s homemaker bona fides: the magazine has correctly predicted the results of four out of five elections. 202 more words


Txt Ur Luv 2 'Romney2012': FEC Approves Campaign Donations via Text Message

Campaigns are about to become more text savvy after the Federal Election Commission (FEC) voted yesterday evening to allow federal candidates to accept political donations through text messaging. 337 more words


Megadeth Lead Singer Shows Support for Rick Santorum

Update, 2/16 11:06 AM: Mustaine sent out a press release noting that although he supports Santorum, the endorsement isn’t official. “What I did say was that I hope to see a Republican in the White House.  376 more words


Stephen Colbert's Super PAC: Vote for 'Herman Cain'

In a new campaign ad funded by the Colbert Super PAC, now known as The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC, South Carolina voters are encouraged to support…former GOP candidate Herman Cain. 199 more words


Vermin Supreme: The Presidential Candidate Who Promises Free Ponies

Does it ever feel like politicians are afraid to address the issues that really matter? Well, not Vermin Supreme. If elected president, the self-proclaimed “friendly fascist” promises to instate a nationwide tooth-brushing law and provide a federally subsidized pony to every American citizen. 295 more words