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Lazy kidless Saturdays... just baking up doggy treats

Trio are with their dad (read about my intentions here) and for this visit I wrote out some ideas of what I could do while they’re away. 572 more words

Solo Parenting

Food Chains & Pyramids

Before class preparation


Angle Chasing

On Friday our school was supposed to have a Quality Review, but it was canceled at the last minute. (That’s a whole ‘nother story.) But that pushed me to do a lesson that I probably wouldn’t’ve done otherwise, so that’s good. 215 more words


Boards, crews, loads and folly

Somebody asked today to see the back bar, which I dutifully showed them, before exploring the garden. The response was, whilst not unexpected, not what my exhausted soul needed. 662 more words

30 Days of Gratitude - day 27

Whoo. Today was a tough one. I’ll say it straight up: I cried. In front of trio. Like, snuffly, red faced, kleenex worthy crying.

It was just too much. 261 more words

Single Parenting

Technology improves access

Interesting reading – this article provides an overview of technology options and the use of captions.