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Am I Mistaken?

Looking across the kitchen table I see interminable frustration. My son has made a mistake. Not the first that he will ever make I’m sure. It’s homework time and now for the trusted school rubber to come into action. 761 more words


What if we didn't finish all of the questions?

My Physics 10 (a trimester-long class exploring E&M topics for 10th graders who haven’t yet studied mechanics) was wrapping up some extensions to an electrophorus activity. 608 more words


Food Chains & Pyramids

Before class preparation


Whiteboard Desks

After TMC14, I heard a lot of talk about Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces (though I didn’t go to that session myself). After reading Alex Overwijk’s post… 283 more words


Smart Wall Whiteboard Paint

This week we’re getting very excited about one fantastic new product that hasn’t long been on the Priory shelves – a paint product that can transform any flat surface of your house into a giant drawing board! 359 more words

Smart Wall Paint At Priory

Microsoft Releases a New 'Office Lens' App for iOS for Scanning Documents

Microsoft released another new standalone application on Thursday for the iOS platform dubbed Office Lens that allows users to scan documents, whiteboards, and several other forms of images, text, and graphics that can be saved locally as files to the user’s phone. 71 more words

Creating & Solving Circuits

Before class preparation

  •  Finish worksheets from last class

In class activity

Create your own parallel & series circuit problems in pairs

  1. 3 different loads in each circuit…
  2. 30 more words