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30 Days of Gratitude - day 27

Whoo. Today was a tough one. I’ll say it straight up: I cried. In front of trio. Like, snuffly, red faced, kleenex worthy crying.

It was just too much. 261 more words

Single Parenting

Creating your own teaching materials - DIY Whiteboards

ATTN: ‘Why didn’t I think of this sooner!’ moment in progress.

Back in October, when I was teaching TESOL, I wanted to help students study for the upcoming exam, but didn’t want to just give them a boring study guide and say ‘See ya!’ 385 more words


Technology improves access

Interesting reading – this article provides an overview of technology options and the use of captions.

Pre-Lab: Separating a Mixture

Before class preparation

  • Individual Brainstorm: Read the handout and complete the individual brainstorm chart on the Google Classroom
  • Bring the chart (paper or BYOD)

In class activity… 40 more words


Flexibility from a dry erase board

I make lists. Every. Day.

This is my list today:

I don’t think I ever completed tasks before I met the joy that is Whiteboard. Slips of paper would get lost in my pocket, my work bag, my purse, my car, and my washing machine – all filled with critical information like: Empty Dishwasher. 364 more words

Covalent Bonding

Before class preparation

In class activity

  • Clickers: Ionic bonding review
  • Lesson: Covalent Compounds…
  • 24 more words

Designing a Question

Before class preparation

  • Make sure you finished the PEOE sheet from the Lava Lamp experiment and bring it to class
  • Make sure you have answered the Lava Lamp Activity Question on…
  • 53 more words