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Week 1 2016-2017

First Day of School! Wed., August 24

I’m going to try and blog at least once a week this year (apprehensive  grimace facial expression on my part!). 778 more words


Howdy! How do you do? (Classroom Icebreakers 101)

Classroom introductions. The ICEBREAKER! The moment your students (and YOU!) have been waiting for all summer. But the butterflies, they are in the pits of your students stomachs. 260 more words


Bored of your Borders?!

I like adding borders to my class handouts.  See some of my work here:  Everybody Walk the Dinosaur. For those days when there is just no extra time in your teaching-packed day, the built-in borders from Microsoft Word are a great way to spice up an ordinary handout. 21 more words

Send in the Interactive Word Cloud!

Start the year off with an interactive word cloud!

I am always looking for fun ways to generate classroom participation.  If you can relate to my quest, take a look at AnswerGarden.ch.    98 more words

Powerful PowerPoint AIMS

AIM. The GOAL. The “here’s what we are about to do today folks, so get ready!” moment.

When I first started teaching the recommendation from the “higher ups” was “ELICIT THE AIM”. 169 more words

Greeting my students with a smile and shouting a big “GOOD MORNING!” always does the trick to wake up my classroom. BUT…  one other important tool not to overlook in the “be a positive teacher everyday toolkit” is the glamorizing of the white board. 135 more words


It has been a while since I posted.

I addition to mathematics and chemistry, I teach English too. I have a student that is just learning to read. 81 more words