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Day -2: My set-up for vertical non-permanent surfaces

Ended up using 2 ring stands with T bases to support the boards in front of the windows.

First Days

Love Our Whiteboard Tables!

This is the time of year when teachers’ focus turns to classroom design.  The #peelmathchat this week posed this question

@ONedchat our #peelmathchat #slowchat starts today!

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In The Classroom

Welcome to the Virtual Classroom Teacher - A site for K-12 online virtual teacher to find support.

The world of virtual education has been expanding during the past dozen years from college and university levels all the way down to kindergarten.  Charter schools and courses have been created in most of the 50 states as well globally to meet the various needs of students to have access to instruction at grade levels at home.   182 more words

Charter School

Screencasting, audio, video, and more...

See the full audio/video/screencasting handout here, including the following:

  • Use Google Chrome for quick and easy screencasting, making a feedback commentary on an assignment for a student, or a screen sequence.
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Am I Mistaken?

Looking across the kitchen table I see interminable frustration. My son has made a mistake. Not the first that he will ever make I’m sure. It’s homework time and now for the trusted school rubber to come into action. 761 more words


What if we didn't finish all of the questions?

My Physics 10 (a trimester-long class exploring E&M topics for 10th graders who haven’t yet studied mechanics) was wrapping up some extensions to an electrophorus activity. 608 more words


Whiteboard Desks

After TMC14, I heard a lot of talk about Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces (though I didn’t go to that session myself). After reading Alex Overwijk’s post… 283 more words