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Returning to Pt. Iroquois

Our first stop on Saturday was to Pt. Iroquois, the site of lighthouse, modest museum, and gift shop today, but significant long before to the Native Americans who lived there. 371 more words


Whitefish Bay police actively searching for 2 suspects who stole packages using stolen vehicle

WHITEFISH BAY — Whitefish Bay police are actively searching for two suspects who allegedly stole packages using a stolen vehicle from a Whitefish Bay neighborhood Saturday evening, April 22nd. 119 more words


Powerful winds calm in SE Wisconsin; crews head out to clean up the damage

WHITEFISH BAY — Cleanup began on Thursday, March 9th — the day after powerful winds uprooted trees, ripped off shingles and caused extensive damage throughout southeastern Wisconsin on Wednesday. 302 more words


"Pay it forward:" Whitefish Bay group pays tribute to MLK by filling 'Go Bags' for the homeless

WHITEFISH BAY — On Martin Luther King Day, a group of young children in Whitefish Bay helped the homeless — paying tribute to the values Dr. 288 more words


"It's really exciting:" Whitefish Bay family of bottle flippers becomes internet sensation

WHITEFISH BAY — One of the internet crazes of 2016 was the water bottle flip and it’s far more difficult than it might appear. A group of kids from Whitefish Bay used that craze to reach viral video status. 347 more words


"A great family tradition:" Turkey Bowl football game played in Whitefish Bay since 1939!

WHITEFISH BAY — Football is one of the many traditions associated with Thanksgiving. Virtually every level of the game — from amateur to high school to college and the NFL is played on or around the Thanksgiving holiday. 223 more words


Fallen leaves, heavy rain make a mess for public works employees to clean up

MILWAUKEE — The rain just kept coming for most of southeast Wisconsin on Wednesday, October 26th. And in late October, the rain wasn’t the only “falling concern.” 218 more words