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Someone teach me how to Starbucks

i never know what the hell to order at Starbucks.

I panic even if I’m the only one there and I just blurt out something that looks remotely ok from the menu. 73 more words


You work at Starbucks, calm down!

quick rant I’m in Starbucks (big surprise) I place my order of 3 drinks, place the order for the first drink and she right away rolls her eyes because I asked them to do pour over of the Verona blend, so she gives me my total before I even get to say what else I would like so I add the other 2 drinks and after she takes them down I say okay that would be all. 132 more words


Oh my gawd, I love Chipotle.

Hello Everyone!

If you didn’t see my title for today’s post, let me remind you.. “Oh my gawd, I love Chipotle!” #whitegirlproblems. Chipotle is doing a special today; if you order Sofritas you can get a free burrito, burrito bowl, salad or taco the next time you come in (you must bring your receipt to get the limited offer). 122 more words


life is what happens

have not blogged in forever!

Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.

I’d like to take blogging more seriously, I even have a really good idea for a website but I don’t know the first thing about getting one started.  110 more words

The Good Stuff

I realize that while I’ve used this blog as a platform to vent about some of my experiences here in LA, I might have come off a bit woe-is-me. 949 more words

Los Angeles

There's No Place Like Home (How Corny)

I attend a college with a very unique culture. For those of you who have never heard of St. Bonaventure University (which is probably most of you), it is a small, private Franciscan university in the middle of absolutely no where. 553 more words


7 Reasons Taylor Swift Needs To Just Not

Is anyone else completely and utterly sick of Taylor Swift?

I know I gave her a shout-out in one of my earlier blog posts, but that was more me making fun of her for writing songs about her ex-boyfriends than actually giving her any sort of positive recognition. 425 more words