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Shop Your #WhiteGirlProblems

For everyone out there who uses the hair-flip-emoji-that’s-actually-a-waitress way to much in their daily conversations, it’s about time you check out the website Shop Betches… 290 more words


Diet : Day SEVEN

Diet: Day SEVEN

I did it! I stuck to a diet for an entire week.  Not just any week, my friends, but the week right before my monthly in which I usually shovel an entire horse into my mouth without swallowing on a daily basis and gain ten pounds in bloat and chocolate. 418 more words


Diet : Day ONE.

Day one is the hardest, because it’s so tempting to procrastinate because you’re not far in at all; to tell yourself, okay never mind, tomorrow I will start my diet and today I will eat that cheesecake/burger/horse as a proper GOOD BYE to binging, that way my diet will be that much more successful! 763 more words


10 Problems Only Girls With Big Bums Will Understand

1) Trying to “sqeeze through” two tables merged closely together is just plain embarrassing. You will always move someones plate or knock over a drink and you try laughing it off as you sit down at your own table and tuck into your eh….salad…. 187 more words


Palm fronds and sea urchins lead to bloodbath at area Target

So I posted in a Facebook group yesterday about the #LillyForTarget clusterfuck and the resulting comments inspired this blog post:

I’m probably more amazed and dumbfounded by this story than I should be because I don’t Black Friday shop, I don’t camp out for movie tickets, and I have never stood in line to be among the first to shop a new clothing line. 109 more words


Taylor Swift for the Soul

Do you ever listen to a song and remember exactly where you were the first time you heard it, how it made you feel, and the overall impact it had on your life? 702 more words


Diary of a Mad My Little Pony

Sometimes I wake up and I can’t even. I literally can’t even. Like I say that to myself out loud, never in my head, because let’s get real, I’m already crazy so talking to myself isn’t the huge issue here. 308 more words