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Whiteout by KBS_Norway

King penguins photograhed in a blizzard, Fortuna Bay, South-Georgia.

From 500px http://ift.tt/1UzaYHw


4 P. M., January 23

Out a window on my top floor. In the background, you can hear the Engineer at his computer, conquering the Etruscans.

Ripped From The Headlines

Crippling Blizzard and the Malaysian Airlines Link to Super Bowl 50

FEET NOT INCHES =71. EXTREME WEATHER =71. ACT OF GOD =71. HIDDEN HAND =71. Eye spy with my little eye, a coded Revelation=49/121 reference: Feet Р4 letters; Not Inches Р9 letters. 399 more words


Comics to Enjoy This Snowy Weekend

A pretty big snowstorm is burying parts of the United States this weekend, and could force individuals to be stuck inside for at least a few days. 424 more words