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In the Distance

This buck was staring down the clearing at another, much larger, buck that was busy thrashing a sapling making a scrape.


Up and Over

Watching a deer jump over a fence…

Nature Photography

Broken Off

After 2 years, and encountering this buck numerous times, I finally got a decent shot of him.  The first time I saw the buck this year there was no mistaking him, as his antlers were almost identical to last year, and coupled with his knack to evade having his picture taken left no doubt. 99 more words


Video: The Process of Bowhunting for Deer in "ASPIRE" from Mathews Archery

Great video from Mathews showing the process of preparing for then getting to a deer hunt.

From Mathews:

“Here’s to those who take pride in the process and delight in the details. 48 more words


Shed Hunting 

I finally found a shed! It looks to be older than from this year, but I don’t care!! VICTORY!!!