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Hunting Hashtag 10 Most Stunning Photos #massntrash

I was first annoyed by the concept of #hashtags. All of a sudden placing a #hashtag #beforealonglistofridiculousyetseeminglyclevercomments is an accepted way to communicate. That approach is still annoying; however, hashtags used effectively can be both fun and effective. 834 more words

Mule Deer

Heavy 9

This is another buck that has vanished just before the rut started.  I was seeing him fairly frequently, and then in early November he disappeared.



This buck probably watched me, clumsily approaching through the brush, from at least 100 yards away. I finally spotted him once I was within 20 yards of him, and was able to take this picture before he walked off and disappeared into the mesquite brush. 19 more words


Forked G2

I saw this buck a few times in the early fall, but he has been a no show for the last couple of months. I would like to know where he is hiding, in hopes of finding his shed antlers. 30 more words


Deer and Duck Season Recap

Deer season came to an end today in Georgia. At sunset the Metro Atlanta counties’ extended archery season ended. I am not lucky enough to have access to any property in the small cluster of counties offering the extended archery season, so my season has been effectively over since the first of the year. 417 more words