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Fred passes away and we take over

During the time that Fred was the sole owner of Sand Hill I spent quite a few days fishing there. Usually I was by myself and Fred was home. 479 more words


Loss, Marriage, a Child, and My First Hunt

Whitie passed away in 2003. From the time he and Fred bought Sand Hill until his passing he had lived on the property in a trailer. 1,283 more words


Sand Hill comes into the family

My love of Sand Hill started around 1989 when my uncle Fred and great-uncle Whitie bought the property. It is made up of two parcels of land. 1,036 more words


A brief history of Sand Hill

This aerial photo shows Sand Hill as it was in 1938. The red line indicates roughly the 26.5 acres that our family now owns. Like much of southern Illinois it was farm ground. 261 more words


FAQ's of Deer Hunting

We get tons of emails asking all sorts of questions about Deer Hunting or even just hunting in general. So this past season Wade sat down and answered our most popular questions about hunting that we’ve received. Enjoy!


Dan Gurr from Cabela's bow hunts for his first Texas Whitetail

TIME: Late October

WIND: SSE 8-10mph

TEMP: Low of 55 with high of 80

WEATHER: Clear and Sunny with no chance of rain

We join… 117 more words


Love the Process

By Dave Ashworth

Every year since I started bowhunting about 6 years ago has been unique and filled with lessons. It seems that each new season has a new set of obstacles to overcome no matter how much I prepare. 636 more words