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Traditional Bowhunting Prep

The light is changing, it is a little more clear, a little crisper. I can see the difference. The hazy, milky light of Summer, clouded with dust and pollen and the flotsam and jetsam of reproducing plants is almost gone. 267 more words

My first Whitetail!

What an incredible summer I’m having! Making new friends out in the garden and enjoying the warmth. Life is good! Plain and simple!


Preseason Rituals

It’s the beginning of August and most normal people’s minds are focused on summertime and fun in the sun, but if you are a deer hunter like me, August brings along the excitement that fall is right around the corner and reminds us that we need to start getting our preseason preparations in order.   752 more words

Tiny Tines

This buck stood up from his bed in shoulder height grass during the last of the evening light as I was starting my walk out of the woods.


Baby Time

This week, our resident swan pair debuted their newest brood of offspring, parading them very proudly all the way around the lake (for all the neighbors to see, I presume).  285 more words