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Democratization and Antebellum American Culture

“Both Read the Same Bible”: Mark Noll on the Civil War as a theological crisis 

by Robert Tracy McKenzie in Books and Culture: A Christian Review… 1,183 more words

Unit 4

Lincoln, “First Inaugural”; Whitman, “Song of Myself”

Lincoln: Physically speaking, we can not separate. We can not remove our respective sections from each other nor build an impassable wall between them. A husband and wife may be divorced and go out of the presence and beyond the reach of each other, but the different parts of our country can not do this. 123 more words

Unit 4


Grass | Stratford, WA | 2014

“I believe a leaf of grass is no less the journey-work of the stars.”

— American poet Walt Whitman


“An Offense Against Art”: James on Whitman

An 1865 review (full text) in which Henry James calls for Walt Whitman to rein it in:

As a general principle, we know of no circumstance more likely to impugn a writer’s earnestness than the adoption of an anomalous style. 171 more words


Our humanity is the natural world

To listen is therefore to touch a stethoscope to the skin of a landscape, to hear what stirs below.  George Haskell

Maria Popova’s recent newsletter, Nature and the Serious Business of Joy, resonated strongly with me and I was struck by how shared sentiments can connect us across centuries, borders, gender, time and place. 626 more words

Random Thoughts

To A Western Boy

O Boy of the West!
To you many things to absorb, I teach, to help you become eleve of
Yet if blood like mine circle not in your veins; 57 more words