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Humor Night! 7/23/14

The number 23 is mystical and magical, just like every other number, really, but perhaps in the most unique and curlicated way possible. Seven is pretty good too. 148 more words

Whitney Streed


I’m Whitney Streed. I am a stand-up comedian based out of Portland, Oregon. I also
produce shows and make stupid puns with startling regularity.

Some of my current projects, aside from constantly performing stand-up, include running the Weekly Recurring Humor Night stand-up showcase at the Tonic Lounge every… 27 more words

Whitney Streed

vote/funny 2012

Very few things are funnier than American elections. This year, the best way to serve our civic duty & vote is with a panel of great comedians as we go measure by measure through the 2012 Multnomah County & Oregon ballots onstage at the renowned Brody Theater downtown. 94 more words


Episode 25: Hungry Tiger Too


Patioh! Patino! Episode 25

Join us as we take a tour of Hungry Tiger Too. My mom gives us advice on how to meet men in grocery stores, dating men to attain designer shoes, we make up new words including box job and snoodle, nuclear cowboys, and we have phone in guests. 53 more words


Humor Night One Year Anniversary/ Whitney's Birthday! -- March 14

It’s a bar-studded extravaganza to celebrate one whole year of Weekly Recurring Humor Nights, with the added benefit of it being the day before my birthday. 86 more words


under construction, enter at your own risk

This is a mess! Come back later and I’ll be ready for guests. No, don’t be silly, you don’t have to bring anythi– what? You’ll have strawberries and chocolate cake? 7 more words

Whitney Streed