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Whittaker Chambers: “it is idle to talk about preventing the wreck of Western civilization"

“I no longer believe that political solutions are possible for us. I am baffled by the way people still speak of the West as if it were at least a cultural unity against Communism though it is divided not only by a political, but by an invisible cleavage. 429 more words

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George Will's Bizarre Attack on Whittaker Chambers

I recently read Whittaker Chambers’s Witness, a truly superb autobiographical account of not just his involvement in the Alger Hiss case, but his early life, enthrallment with Communism, and ultimately his decision to leave the Communist movement. 880 more words


Dear Mr. Chambers,

Dear Mr. Chambers,

I am, regrettably, writing to you 57 years too late. I don’t claim membership in the literate generation before me. All I said was, “Ah, I think I recognize his name”; however, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to you by a close friend. 983 more words