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Cold Brew Tea

Tea, we love it hot and we love it just as much cold. You may be wondering why on earth we are talking about cold brew tea in the depths of winter. 163 more words


Day 20: Jessica Owns

i finished the Neteflix series Jessica Jones today. it was fantastic right to the finale with the most satisfying ending to a series that i have come across in a long time. 172 more words

Stratford -Upon-Avon Christmas Shopping, The Joys of Public Transport and Putting Up the Tree

A Happy Tuesday morning to you all!

17 days until Christmas people!! I finished my Christmas shopping on Saturday and wrapped my last presents on Sunday. 536 more words


Whittard's Vanilla Shortbread Flavour Tea

Another post, another tea from Whittard’s. ¬†On to the second tea and displaying a bit of brand loyalty it would appear but I do promise that my collection of both bags and leaves has been gathered from quite a number of suppliers! 445 more words


Whisky from Whittard's

The first tea that I would like to talk about is Whittard’s Whisky Flavour Tea.

I have a few friends that enjoy conversing over a pot of tea and just a few weeks ago after an afternoon of sipping away I was gifted with some samples of their favourite teas at the time (these things can’t be constant), which has made me realise that I still haven’t “paid them back” with tea in return and should probably get on to that soon… Sorry guys! 656 more words


First post!

So I’ve wanted to make a blog about tea for quite a while now but have been put off by the countless experts in the field who already “dominate the market” with their artisan language and well traveled taste buds. 296 more words


What's in My (Goody) Bag?

This amazing goody bag is from a gorgeous Glamour Magazine Book-Club event I attended recently. I decided to have some fun arranging the products within just so.