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Sunday Thoughts 💭

I tend to consider how I feel last. However I know that I must live with how I feel always. Often what has happened is that I will do what others want, feel some joy at making them happy and then wake up the next morning or later that night sick with the guilt of betraying myself. 249 more words

Thought Piece


I just want to scream.

In the dark silence of this night, when I am being consumed, and my breath comes and goes in gasps, and my vision flickers as I am on the brink of passing out, and I am being suffocated by the darkness, like I need to claw away at whatever it is that is holding my throat closed, I am so broken. 857 more words

Who am I?

Who am I?

Am I a good person?

But I see no goodness in me

Am I a religious person?

But I see no religion in me… 34 more words



some times
we feel a need -urge
you on to share

hidden behind closed doors
secrets hang out open windows
languid tongues swirl
performing circus acts
on bare minds -born again


Jamar Rasheid Wil-Sun - Black To The Future

There are only a few people on this planet that experience REAL time travel. #iamoneofthem #iamthefuture #astralproject #blacktothefuture #bamagu #abstrusealkemist #siriusmind #imherebutimnot


Hard work put in today like any other day. 2,242 more words

Who Am I

all about me!

Who is the girl in the photograph above?

The girl in the photograph loves flower fields and (at least) twice a year she drags a handful of friends to discover a new one with her. 485 more words

Marta Bean

Where am I?

No, this is not a doomsday cult. This is not a site dedicated to rehashing the terrifying Book of Revelations. This is not a place for apocalypse preppers nor back-to-the-earth types (although, candidly, I’m a little of both). 211 more words