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The Man Who Answered Stupid Questions

Some years ago I looked at a then-new website called Quora.com, intended to be a sort of intellectual hub for the world wide web, where experts on every subject (quite knowledgeable ones, to be sure) would answer all the important questions posed by the great unwashed but curious masses. 485 more words

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The end is coming soon

I’ve been reading The Kingdom, by Emmanuel Carrere, a history of Early Christianity. He makes a connection between the story of the resurrection of Christ and the screenplay he worked on for the French TV series, Les Revenants, in which it is posited that the dead do come back to life and attempt to resume their normal lives, not knowing they had in fact died. 309 more words

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Bernie and the Believers

For many years now I’ve lived in a very small town in the coastal mountains south of San Francisco. Population 700 or so. The odds might seem against my son growing up with a girl born within the same hour at the same hospital on the same floor but he did. 321 more words

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What If (Altered Carbon vs 2049)

Somebody thought so highly of that phrase, altered carbon, they just couldn’t let go of it. Writers be like that.

I’m enjoying the Netflix show “Altered Carbon” as much as I failed to enjoy “Blade Runner 2049” and the two will remain linked for me for several reasons. 902 more words

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I'm nothing if not topical, emotional support hamster version

So much information. Too much information. And too many ridiculous stories on this massively over-populated planet, like the sad one about the woman who had to flush her emotional support hamster down the toilet on an airplane. 239 more words

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Sunni Pray Station

Some years ago I was teaching myself to write mobile phone apps and came up with the idea for a very simple one that was merely a bright green arrow that always pointed towards Mecca (from wherever the user was in the world).  250 more words

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The Man Who Wasn't - The audio version

Fragment #99 from¬†Fragments from Books That Don’t Exist

As soon as they found out he had cancer Tommy ceased to exist.
He had always been a drag at parties. 56 more words

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