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Stupid Things I Have "Learned"

I was walking to the grocery store this morning – returning, because despite spending one hundred and seventy dollars I had of course forgotten the one thing my son asked me to get – when the thought popped into my head (of course it didn’t literally “pop”, that would have hurt as well as making a sound), the incredibly stupid thought that, according to a book I once read, decades ago, called “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, a real man should never be holding anything in his hands while he walks. 575 more words

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Lost in Spaces

I was sitting here sipping from a bottle of Honest T (“Just” Green Tea ™) when I noticed some writing on the inside of the bottle cap. 189 more words

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You and Your Number: Story Notes from a Dream

There is a statistical tool that continually measures the social value of everything all the time, normalized on the same scale of 0 to 100. It’s a stately progression of regression to the mean by nature, and includes everything – not just individuals but products, corporations, governments, agencies, programs, art works (movies, books, songs, etc …), anything and everything that can be ranked. 364 more words

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Recommended: Wattpad readings

Update time! It's summer so I've been outdoors where I can barely see my phone screen, so my Wattpad reading has lagged a bit while I indulge in physical books (Roberto Bolaño, Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Richard Brautigan) but there are a few things here I've been keenly reading and am happy to recommend:

… 184 more words
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(Might as well be) Lost in Translation

I can now say in perfect honesty that my books have been translated into four languages. Yup, four. Add French now to Spanish, Portuguese and Farsi. 295 more words

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Harbingers of Failure

Today I came across a story that FINALLY convinced me that the whole “data science” world is not utterly useless (joking! I’m joking! I do that.) 235 more words

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Movie of the Week

A screenplay for a one-act very short film – for a child’s film project

Scene: Two persons sit across a folding card table from one another. 165 more words

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