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The 5 Best Things About Lists

5) You Can Start At The End

Starting at the end is an unusual pleasure. You don’t get to do this in everyday life and still have it be something fun. 681 more words

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What to Worry About, and How

There are lots of books and articles about ‘how to worry less’, but when it comes to just plain ‘how to worry’, period, there isn’t that much – and what there is seems to be devoted to things like “worrying more productively”. 347 more words

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The Cycle of Innocence


Creative people want to have an impact on the world


Something To Say, and the Three E’s: Energy, Enthusiasm, Earnestness (you have to believe that what you have to say is something that matters) 153 more words

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Quote of the day

“I always talk about racism as the most successful advertising campaign of all time,”
Hank Willis Thomas

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Something to think about

It’s an interesting fact that while there are numerous individuals who study intelligence—there are whole departments that are interested in it—if you were to ask yourself what’s the greatest problem facing the world today, I would say it would be stupidity… 9 more words

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Revising Forward

I recently wrote a post about “customer pain points” and addressing them through future revisions of past published books. One future revision I already did was to address a pain point in the story Zombie Nights where the final assassin had only appeared in the final chapter – I inserted a bit about her earlier in the story and that seems to have resolved that particular issue. 434 more words

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Wattpad Weekly

Wanted to give a little shout out to some more of my favorite writers on #Wattpad:

@MichaelGraeme, first discovered on Feedbooks but I’m happy to see him sharing some of his great work here… 27 more words

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