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A Socialist Emperor's New Clothes

Call me old-fashioned, but I still think that when you say you want a revolution, it means you intend to actually do something. It means you plan to work, to organize, to get together with other people to make things happen. 559 more words

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How My Brain got a nice review

On Goodreads. Made me happy and edged up my books’ overall Goodreads average rating to 2.99. Can they ever hit 3.00? The Law of Average would say “maybe”. 131 more words

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The Unmarked Woman: A short story

(This story came to me in a dream this morning, so I just wrote it down)

The Unmarked Woman

In one year the transformation was complete. 4,743 more words

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Around the World in Way More Than 80 Days

It’s almost an annual tradition that I hear from someone far, far away who expresses an interest in translating one of my free ebooks. This time it’s from Algeria, a university student in the Sahara Desert, claiming to be translating the first few chapters of ‘ 24 more words

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Ties that ought to bind

One thought i had today about my European Jewish ancestors. My father’s great grandfather came to America around 1830, from Germany. At about the same time, the people who were living where i live now, in Coastal California, were being exterminated by European immigrants. 110 more words

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Recommended: This Hell of Mine by Lara Blunte

Lara Blunte writes immediately absorbing stories. Her stories grab me with an irresistible magnetic pull, right from the start. “This Hell of Mine” is certainly no exception and, as in all of her work, includes an extra unexpected element that makes the whole thing jump to another level entirely. 137 more words

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novecientas abuelitas

900 Grandmothers, by R.A. Lafferty, is one of my all-time favorite stories. It’s difficult to get a copy these days, online or off, but here it is: 3,916 more words

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