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Why Stoners Eat Siri L. Technology Packed with Vitamins Said Life

sounds delish!

Cereal gets a bad rap in this country.

Breakfast of champions? Mikey likes it!

What fucking successful person eats fucking cereal?

A sucks S full person eats omelettes with avocado! 362 more words

My Private Public Diary Vol. 15

Today while I was at my job that simultaneously makes me want to cry and take a blade to the throat, a customer told me to “fuck off.” Granted he was on a shit load of drugs (I’m assuming based on the fact that he literally pressed his face onto the germ-infested computer screen) but all the same (insert hand-job motion here). 530 more words


Khofa - Who Cares (Video)

Khofa and Chris O’Quinn come together to create visuals for “Who Cares?” off of Khofa’s debut mixtape “One Day At A Time.”


No Light- The Prelude

And when.
My dreary musings reside
Over broken dreams.
Can I say it right?
I can’t say it right.
I speak, despised.
I silence, ignored.

78 more words
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Who Cares About Caitlyn Jenner?

I’m torn in even writing this simply on the basis that in doing so I’m contributing to what I disagree with. Oh well, here goes. … 357 more words


New trending GIF tagged mad men i dont...

New trending GIF tagged mad men, i dont care, idc, who cares, bert cooper via http://ift.tt/1BLawvP

Summer of Manga Update

It seems I read manga at an alarmingly fast rate. I don’t want the SoM to end in early July, so I’ve decided to bump up the manga count to thirty instead of twenty. 31 more words