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Do I Have a Post on the Blue/Black White/Gold Dress. I Do Now! #COLORGATE

This thing has been BLOWING UP the internet. It’s everywhere, like EVERYWHERE. I’m like, “Are you kidding me? People are going nuts over the color of a dress?”. 208 more words



sigh wth today!! today was disgusting and i couldn’t take it. efl arrangement why must be so difficult. today i learnt about conflict management and i guess i was: 161 more words

Julie - German Village - Meal 8

My confession: I don’t really mind the weather. Not that I really want it to continue – but I’m not bothered by it. 

I guess when your coping mechanisms for cold weather are naps, cooking hot food, piling on scarves to a Fortune Teller-esque effect, and swiping your husbands wooly socks – eh, why not.  21 more words

Julie Jent

Arab TV News Channels' Political & Economic Platforms

Tariq Al-Basha


BA (Hons) Business Management, Uni. of Greenwich, London – UK

International Foundation Diploma, Uni. of Greenwich, London – UK 8 more words

Who Cares


What’s the point in trying any more? 

Trying to fit in, trying to be happy, trying to move on.

What is the fucking point? 157 more words


Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?

I’m here now. I’m ready to blog about shit I care about. You, however, may not give a hoot. But luckily for you, it’s the internet. 112 more words