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Thou Shall Not Worry!!!

Today was an emotional day. I had my med entrance exam and just being there made me feel so small. I mean, all those people (competitors, shall I say?) were athletes, did internships in hospitals and travelled the world and I was there with my 5 months experience as a volunteer in a nursing home. 174 more words

Zombies and Their Functions; Finally, an Exploration.

I consider zombies quite often. Even more so now that I’ve started watching a certain zombie-based drama whose title I won’t mention due to my ignorance of the intricacies of copyright law. 1,228 more words

Odd Train Of Thought

cute soppy wet rag soaked in piss-affirming

opting back in cause apparently it’s that easy
that fluid switch across, back – plugged
and blending, boiling hot n
steamin tired o hidin, i confide in friends… 13 more words


fergie, sarcastic, who cares, unamused, bfd, sarcastic clap Gif For Fun

fergie, sarcastic, who cares, unamused, bfd, sarcastic clap Gif for Fun at your Time


Soon will Fly to Japan.

I’ll be there soon.  Actually this is my 2nd time visiting Japan, still so excited.

Cannot wait to spend my 7 hours at plane, alone. 19 more words

Who Cares?

[CERN #002] Bransoletki

24 I 2017 (wtorek)

Francja, Saint-Genis-Pouilly

Wstałem o 06:55, 20 min wcześniej niż zawsze, bo chciałem wziąć prysznic rano. Edytka wylała wczoraj całą ciepłą wodę… 610 more words


Why are opinions so hard to digest?

Ever wonder why opinions are so hard to put up with?  As much as we want to respect differing points of view, it is truly hard to understand why other people think so different from you.   791 more words