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Who Is 1010?

1010 (pronounce ten-ten) is a Hamburg-based contemporary artist known for his amazing optical illusions that seem like they are portals to other worlds.

There is not too much info about 1010 since he decided to stay anonymous.  85 more words

Street Art

Trump names Lt Gen HR McMaster as national security adviser

US President Donald Trump has named Lt Gen HR McMaster as his national security adviser.

He will replace Lt Gen Michael Flynn who was fired after just three weeks and three days in the job. 536 more words


Everything you wanted to know about Dean Thorpe, but were afraid to ask!

Lots of people seem to ask questions about me (Dean Thorpe), who I really am, what I’m like etc. So I created a page for my Death Prone site (Death Prone is an anagram of Dean Thorpe) that is all about me. 94 more words

Dean Thorpe


Ich probiere mal wieder etwas Neues aus ^.^
Sagt mir doch, wie es auch gefällt^^

Für Fursuitbau-Anfragen (Tail und Handpfoten) einfahc anschreiben :)

Und vergesst nicht, mir weitere Namen vorzuschlagen ^^ 153 more words


Who is Isaac Cordal?

Isaac Cordal is a sculpture artist from Galicia who creates miniatures sculpted from concrete. His little people are always thoughtfully placed in the streets. They can be found in many unusual and unlikely places such as in gutters, on top of buildings and on top of bus shelters. 140 more words

Street Art

No Way- 'The Last Jedi' Is Part of A Sentence

Rey is (probably) the last Jedi. We’re all expecting that the first 45 minutes of the movie will be Rey on the cold, green island with Luke Sywalker transforming into a light saber wielding killer. 88 more words