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Interview w/ KAS

KAS is a talented Portuguese street artist born in Porto who currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. His passion for art began at a young age. 495 more words

Street Art

Who is Pearl Mackie?

As The Doctor’s return is soon approaching we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at who will be joining him on his adventures in Series 10.   676 more words

Bill Potts

Kids in The Crosshairs: Follow up

Stealth Jihad unmasked: This is the professor who was mentioned in the previous “Kids In The Crosshairs” posting. A local newspaper did some investigating and discovered her indisputable links to Islamic terrorism. 13 more words

Islamic Studies

Publisher’s Clearance: Who/What/Where was/is/were/are…. books

This engaging, non-fiction book series for ages 8-12, is filled with fascinating stories and amazing facts about trailblazers, legends, innovators, creators, the globe’s most exciting places and the world’s most important historical events. 171 more words

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Meet Igor Dobrowolski

Igor Dobrowolski is a talented artist born in Jelenia Góra (Deer Mountain), Poland who depicts social and political issues in his paintings and murals. In his work Igor explores topics such as death, depression, war and children, the problems of the poor and homeless and the lack of empathy. 619 more words

Street Art

Who are... The wizards of Middle-earth.

5 wizards, wise and powerful;

And some dead. But who are the wizards? Stay here if you are wondering:

the 2 blue Wizards.

Not much is known about them. 311 more words


Who Is 1010?

1010 (pronounce ten-ten) is a Hamburg-based contemporary artist known for his amazing optical illusions that seem like they are portals to other worlds.

There is not too much info about 1010 since he decided to stay anonymous.  85 more words

Street Art