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Who is...Dominique Crenn?

Growing up surrounded by influences in the kitchen, Dominique Crenn was introduced to the joys of fine dining from a young age. Having her first tasting menu at the age of eight or nine proved to be instrumental in her becoming a chef. 552 more words


Some are born great. While, others are
not born
great but they grow or later on turn to be… 1,375 more words



So you’re here!  I’ve been waiting!
Being an author has been quite the ride.  I began writing at the tender age of twelve. I kept at it all the way into high school where I was editor for the local newspaper. 1,337 more words

Should a Model wear Colored Contacts?

It is always fun to experiment with different things such as changing up your hairstyle or eye color. For a new model or actor starting out it is always best to… 81 more words


Trending - The Instagram Model

We have all heard it. “I’m a model” says “Kate”, a 16 year old aspiring model from Long Island. Ask any adult what they do for a living and saying you’re a model or actor typically means you are under employed without an agency. 217 more words


Top Fifty 50 Information Question About Pakistan

Top Fifty 50 Information Question About Pakistan

Q.1:     What is National Flower of Pakistan?
Ans:      Jasmine or Chanbeli
Q.2:     What is National Tree of Pakistan? 523 more words

Who is the real Max King?

I’ve never met Max King but I am reliably informed by Paul Long that Max is a fit young man who likes nothing more than running 100km every morning before he starts work in the piranha infested world of Kansas City insurance broking. 62 more words

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