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Who Is Elian?

Elian Chali is a muralist from Argentina, Cordoba. Elian is known for his abstract style and unique graphic design. He is using vibrant colors and a rich mix of shapes and patterns.. 139 more words

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Who Is BToy?

Andrea Michaelsson is a Spanish multi-faceted artist better known by her street artist name Btoy.
Her stencils often portray the importance of women, and sometimes incorporate famous portraits. 77 more words

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HUMAN WORSHIP; A New Religion and The Next Best Thing To God

Someone once told me, “What you need is a bridge.” The bridge he was referring to was a course in the philosophical branch of thinking called Ethics. 1,163 more words

My Fellow Human Beings, It Is Impossible To NOT "Play God"

Playing God.

Do you understand what I mean by “playing God?” Playing God is when you make a decision to do something that should be left for God to decide, things that are or rather should be outside of the influence of man. 426 more words


Rone is a Melbourne-based artist who is renowned for beautiful paintings of women.
Rone’s work attempts to locate the friction point between beauty and decay, the lavish and despoiled, creating an iconic form of urban art with a strongly emotional bent. 19 more words

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Who is Donald Trump?

He’s the bombastic billionaire, reality TV star and was at one time the biggest real estate agent in New York. And now he’s running for President of the United States as the Republican Nominee with Robert Pence as his running mate. 758 more words

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Who Is Agostino Iacurci?

Agostino Iacurci is an artist born in Foggia in 1986, he lives and works in Rome.
In his works of synthetic forms and bright colors, through an essential language, he is capable of driving multiple layers of interpretation. 86 more words

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