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Who is OakOak ?

OakOak is a french artist who likes to play with urban elements.
Check out his unique Street Art! 53 more words

Street Art

accidental epic scene

Rollei B 35 40mm f/3.5

i should learn to not open a camera when there is still film in it  but

sometimes i think it actually makes a picture better 

Who Is

Who are Os Gêmeos ?

Os Gêmeos are a Brazilian street-art duo composed of two identical twin brothers, Otávio and Gustavo Pandolfo, who are famous for their often surreal murals populated by whimsical, yellow-skinned figures. 60 more words

Street Art

Who is Ernest Zacharevic ?

Ernest Zacharevic is a Lithuanian Street Artist who creates amazing murals – mostly combines spray paint with paint brush.

The talented Street Artist created an interactive mural with this new piece showing a bunch of Orang-utan chilling on a wheelbarrow! 76 more words

Street Art

Lord God, Who Is, and Who Was, and Who Is to Come

Lord God, Who Is, and Who Was, and Who Is to Come

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God,

“who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” 140 more words

Name Of God

Who is John Holcroft ?

Today’s post is not really about Street Art. However, I could not resist sharing these amazing illustrations by John Holcroft!

John Holcroft is a well-known British illustrator who has worked for BBC, Reader’s Digest, The Guardian and the Financial Times, among others. 76 more words

Street Art Rat

Who is the ETAM Crew ?

In the prewious article you have seen one work from a member of Etam Crew – Sainer. Together with Bezt, they paint large scale murals of surreal scenes heavily charged with Eastern European folklore, mysticism, fantasy and witty humor. 120 more words

Street Art