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The Mind of God

Romans 11:34, “For who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has become His counselor?”

The brain is a complicated organ. It is capable of so many processes and able to hold so much information. 340 more words

Is It Safe In Canada?

What are your chances of being robbed on dark Canadian snowy streets? What are major life ricks in Canada? To address the safety issue let’s take a look at some numbers and statistics. 422 more words


1080 & the steely cold face of corporations

We recently posted a story about Joel Lund of Wanaka who while attending a local function, chanced upon Lou Sanson, the CE of NZ’s Department of Conservation (DoC). 1,185 more words


Birds of a feather, Flu season and personal responsibility

Everyone loves flamingos right? Birds migrate to warmer climates throughout the year despite global warming and colder climates with snow in unlikely places (last post… 199 more words

Community Health Issues

Who Is Your Father?

The bible teaches there are three fathers we encounter in our life. There is our earthly father, and the other two are a matter of life and death when depending on which one you serve. 258 more words


Vaccine Hesitancy Joins Climate Change on World Health Organization's 2019 Global Health Threats List

The World Health Organization has released its list of global health threats for 2019. Unlike some of the health challenges on the list, at least one, vaccine hesitancy, is entirely solvable. 258 more words


Who I am

The day I entered the world,
I fractured the mirror of eternity.
Caused a crack in the ground you call earth.
Of course, this is common, 213 more words