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Electro Week: Freaks Come Out At Night by Whodini

Props for both making great music and great band names go to Whodini. Letting us know exactly when the freaks come out (freaks being the provocatively and absurdly dressed party people of the 80’s) this track makes you want to join them. 40 more words

Headphone Josh

Water and Wailers

“Reeee-Pent! Jeeeeeeeee-sus!”

The admonitions never made him hoarse. They were white noise: part of our neighborhood’s rote cacophony. Whodini blaring from boom boxes; giggles, yells, and feet slapping ground of neighborhood kids. 665 more words


A Brief History of the "Freak" Song

My earliest memories of budding romantic-sexual awareness at grade school dances are punctuated again and again by one thing: the “Freak” song. Having been raised in its Golden Age, I’ve always been interested in its development. 453 more words


The Ultimate List Of 113 Halloween Songs

It’s that time of year for planning Halloween parties and school carnivals. You’ll find websites and message boards with short lists of Halloween songs. The one things in common is that nobody can agree on more than 5 songs. 648 more words


Whodini and UTFO share the Stage at RSC38

I was excited to attend the widely anticipated Annual Rock Steady concert at Summer Stage Central Park, on July 26th.  The best part about this wonderful event was that entry was free, like the block parties back in the days! 520 more words


That 80s Show : Episode 2

That 80s Show : Episode 2 featuring music by Culture Club, Wham, Duran Duran, Yaz, Whodini, When In Rome, Berlin and more.