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Who is she? MY NEW HERO I THINK. BitsySpyder? — bitsyspyder

In the vast sea of cyber trends its easy to become distracted by get rich quick scams, phony royal inheritances, glamorous product hype, celebrity gossip and endless streams of “News” from everybody everywhere.

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Tarea 1: Herramientas básicas para obtener información de servidores externos

Tarea 1 de MOOC “Seguridad-2016 Hacking ético (2ª ed.)” de Mondragon Unibertsitatea.

Tema: Obtener información básica de cualquier servidor, utilizando herramientas simples como: Ping, WhoIs Lookup, Nmap. 116 more words

Curso Hacking Ético - MOOC Mondragon

A Good Place to Start & An in-depth look at Footprinting Labs

I am taking a bit of a detour at the moment and suggest some places where you can go to learn about EH for free! The best site is… 1,202 more words

Reconnaissance : A Best Way to Catch Your Victim sensitive Information. Part 1

Hi Friends,

The One Of  The Most Essential Task OF Hacking:

  • Reconnaissance (Gathering Information of victim as much as possible)

Because if you are doing blind attack then it will RISKY for you,so first of all make your mind dedicated and which ORGANIZATION or COMPANY  Then  Please i Suggested you No BLind Attack. 297 more words

WEB Applications Hacking

Harvesting Whois Data for OSINT

At work I was given the task of figuring out at least one method to find some of the domains that were registered by my company’s employees but that we may not have known that they registered. 1,328 more words


Web Evaluation and Reflection

Looking at Domains and Authority

When evaluating websites, do we know who has really published, authored, or sponsored the page? If you don’t, you could be trusting a stranger. 1,040 more words


IPv4 hijackers setting up shell companies to hoard and sell addresses

We’ve long known it was coming, and it finally happened in September 2015: the pool of available IPv4 addresses for North America completely dried up. 688 more words