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Whois ne demektir?

Whois neden önemlidir
Whois, alan adı sorgulaması anlamına gelmektedir. İnsanlar, alan adına sahip olsalar bile whois’in manası hakkında detaylı bilgiye sahip değillerdir. Whois’in en detaylı açıklaması ile ilgili olarak kişi hakkında bilgilerin yer aldığı bir nevi askeri künyedir denilebilir. 8 more words

#Whois Edward Bernays?

#Whois Edward Bernays? He is regarded by many sources as the father of public relations and father of Propaganda. Bernays’ favorite techniques for manipulating public opinion was the indirect use of “third party authorities” to plead for his clients’ causes. 55 more words

Tak Berkategori

Who is Robin Zoot?

Zadnej trap house, ja posilam to z terasy.


Chipotle's human resources emails made job applicants phishing bait

Applying for jobs can be painful, but at least your interactions with “human resources” don’t put you at risk of anything worse than dashed hopes. 529 more words


Solved. The question of Whois wildwestdomains.com

Wondering about why wildwestdomains.com comes up on a whois search on your domain name?

Well the answer is actually quite simple.

For most people, this is who wordpress.com chose to be your domain name registrar, usually when you were first setting up your website. 90 more words

Domain Registration & Why No One Bought Google Today

I recently acquired the domain HighPhidelity.com via a domain registration site. There are tons of sites you can use when purchase a domain for your own personal or e-commerce site. 560 more words


Story of Toni

The Journey is the Reward

The other personal introduction stories (Kari I & II, Mikko, Migs) were so entertaining that I owe it to the format to scribe my own. 768 more words