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Story of Toni

The Journey is the Reward

The other personal introduction stories (Kari I & II, Mikko, Migs) were so entertaining that I owe it to the format to scribe my own. 768 more words



DNS ya da Domain Name Server, internet veya intranetin telefon rehberi gibidir. Hatırlaması zor olan host name’lere ait IP adreslerini çözmeye yarar.

A kaydı, isme ait olan IP adreslerini belirtir. 1,057 more words


Whois bilgilerini açma

Whois bilgilerinin yenilenmesi
Henüz bir yeni web sitesine sahipsiniz ve alan adını da satın alalı yeni olduysa, o halde merak ettiğiniz bazı sorular olabilir. Öncelikle whois ne demektir? 30 more words

whois id protection

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Domain Name

The computer cannot understand English or other common language. The internet is often a network of such computers that do not see the language how the common man understands. 431 more words


How toxic can the world’s domain controller ICANN get?

An alliance of 47 countries called on ICANN the world domain name distributor back in June 2015, to respect privacy and freedom of expression when allocating top domain names.   627 more words

IT Business News

WHOIS and Prentice's misuse and motives

Lynn Prentice (lprent) has tried to defend his abusive attack on a young person who was involved in a spoof political site, Kiwi-O-Meter, which has since been taken down by the site owner. 2,197 more words

The Standard

Prentice actions "strictly forbidden" by InternetNZ

Lynn Prentice often tells the world how well he knows the Internet, but Duncan Brown did a bit of simple checking and shows that when Prentice published the physical addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of Ben Guerin and myself he clearly breached conditions of the use of WHOIS registry searching. 860 more words

The Standard