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Since years I was using tools for easy tasks like ping, traceroute, domain lookup using shell and I realized, that this is not as flexible as I wish. 322 more words


PhishCheck - WHOIS domain lookup in Perl

Phishing often relies on the victim to click on a malicious link – usually being disguised as a legitimate service or website. The following perl script iterates through the given domain and checks if permutations have been registered. 225 more words


Google Apps for Work revela datos dueños de sitios web

Google Apps for Work revela datos dueños de sitios web, dejando al descubierto  información protegida de 282.877 registrados. La falla afectó los datos de WHOIS haciendo pública la información de clientes que han pagado para mantener oculta su información ante el uso del protocolo WHOIS que se utiliza para consultar la base de datos con el fin de obtener el nombre del propietario de una dirección IP o dominio. 188 more words


The Morning Dump - March 16th

Anti-robot protesters at SXSW, Chappie was not part of the group. The Morning Dump – BI

Morning Dump

Report: Google Error Leaks Hidden Data For 280,000 Domains

Usually when we hear that a company has had a bunch of data leaked to the world, hackers are responsible. But in the case of a Google leak involving hidden data for 280,000 domain names, a bug in Google’s system is apparently to blame. 496 more words

Google Leaks Identities of Over 280,000 Customers Who Were Paying to Stay Hidden

If you want to figure out who owns a website, it’s pretty easy: You simply punch the URL into a “whois” database, and up pops the info of the person who registered that domain. 272 more words


Using dig, whois and ping to query DNS data?

What is Dig?

Dig is a networking tool that can query DNS servers for information. It can be very helpful for diagnosing problems with domain pointing and is a good way to verify that your configuration is working. 1,148 more words