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Reminder to self

Just because your not eating white potatoes does NOT Meagan you should gorge on corn AKA tortilla chips.

Aren’t they good though?

I think the tortilla chips are distracting my brain because I am not horribly sad to not have had any white potatoes in a few days. 31 more words

Healthy Eating

Cinnamon Vanilla Pancakes

I don’t know where you live, but here in south Alabama it’s COLD.

Why not have a warm pancake breakfast on a Saturday morning? Promise you won’t be disappointed. 281 more words

Clean Eating

Rustic Green Salad of Whole Grain Barley

Happy food equals happy mind.

Does it mean that if the food is green your mind will be, too? I really do hope so, because after our ten day trip to the Alps, my body seems to scream for healthy food (it´s probably because of my super-diet that, during our trip  consisted of pizza, strudels and beer :D Ain´t complaining, tho!!) 464 more words

ENG Gluten Free

My Whole Foods Story

Now you know a little more of my journey and can see where I fell down the rabbit hole. One thing researching all these different nutritional options has taught me is that YOU HAVE TO EAT FOR YOU. 292 more words


Thai smi

That thai food yesterday caused my stomach to cringe at the smell and taste of food. The good side: no white potatoes today.

Going to sleep….

Healthy Eating

Featured Plant-Based News

The Mediterranean Diet and Heart Health

You’ve all heard the Mediterranean Diet being promoted as a healthy diet, but is the diet that is advocated today the same diet they were eating in the 1950’s? 33 more words

Whole Food

White potatoes be gone

I thought about potatoes all day. So instead of eating them I are everything else.

Amy’s chunky vegetable soup (Amys.com)
Terra vegetable chips with the blue potato chips… 123 more words

Healthy Eating