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Blueberry Crumble

I love summer and the abundance of fruit that is available. Since the beginning of the season, we have be enjoying a ton of strawberries ( 321 more words


Clean Eating Cake in a Coffee Mug

It is Monday and I have an almost 6 month old haha SOOOO I needed something sweet without all of the artificial ingredients (I have had enough of those this summer). 135 more words


I'm baaaaaaack!

Its been 5 months since my last post! Many changes in my life means I have not been as focused on my nutrition. I can definitely feel a difference in my mood and energy. 396 more words


Pineapple, and it's okay to eat more.

Sometimes we need to overeat, have more than enough food available – to stay on track.

Post lunch, I always want/need more food.  Even though I just ate a healthy salad of romaine lettuce, and carrot, and tomato, and 3 whole eggs, I just need something else.   379 more words

On Track

Farmers Market. 

“I have great affection for the farmers market, gardens and hunting my own meat.”

I have great affection the farmers market, gardens and hunting my own meat.

124 more words

Eat more raw/plants, and beating cravings.

Last Tuesday (exactly 1 week ago), my town hosted an open air farmers market, full of local farmers selling fresh veggies & fruit.  And it was fabulous!   611 more words


Running games; motivation and improvement

This is the first blog post! I’ll come back and clean things up but I wanted to get started right away. I don’t have time to segue into the blog so I’ll just make this post #1 and work my way from here. 812 more words