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Why weight loss may be 'unhealthful' if you still aren't feeling well...

There are so many additives and chemicals added to refined and processed foods, it would simply drive one crazy to constantly read all the labels. There is a solution… It’s easy. 442 more words

General Health And Living Longer

Pot Roast Stew

Here’s what’s cooking at the cabin this week: This hearty stew goes together quickly, then simmers all day to tenderize the meat and meld the flavors. 299 more words


Healthy Habits : Diet and the Planet


Healthy Habits: Diet and Planet

Finding the motivation to overhaul a lifestyle can be particularly trying, especially having grown up with certain ideas embedded within your daily habits. 451 more words

Zero Waste

Fast Food is the First To Go

Lets start off easy, shall we? Ease on into this thing. I had the idea that with each “subject” I wanted to research, I wanted to focus my diet around that topic. 494 more words

How to Blend Up An Amazing Antioxidant Smoothie

Is anybody looking for a dose of antioxidants?

What in the world are antioxidants anyways, and why are they such a vital part of our lives? 150 more words


Another One of Those 'Healthy Living' Blogs

Hi guys!

I’m pretty excited to start this little project. Mainly just to know that I am not alone out there when I get overwhelmed looking into what is healthy and how I “should” be eating. 280 more words

National Nutrition Month 2018

National Nutrition Month is here once again!

This year the theme is “Go Further with Food.” I really like the message this portrays.  Those of you who have worked with me know that I am a big supporter of eating whole foods.  99 more words