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The following article is from Dr. Jonathon: All about healthy choices. Dr Jonathon Neal Colter is a practicing Chiropractor from North Carolina, with 20 years experience. 85 more words


How to 'eat clean'

‘Clean Eating’ is trending in the world of nutrition.  It is not a fad diet; it’s a chosen lifestyle and celebrities like Katy Perry and Gwyneth Paltrow are two of the many fans supporting this trend. 603 more words

A beginners guide to Paleo

Paleo, is that the caveman thing where you just eat loads of meat and walk around with no shoes on? Nope, but I do get that a lot from those who don’t know better, so I thought I would write a beginners guide to the Paleo diet to help you understand why I choose to eat the way I do. 587 more words


Tasty Hummus video

A tasty Hummus to go with the Healthy Chips


Healthy Chips Video

Chips are almost always deep fried and then smothered in salt. The thinner the chips the more oil they absorb. A very unhealthy snack or addition to a meal. 17 more words


Omega 3 Video

Most processed foods are extremely high in Omega 6 due to their oil content (most often Palm oil) and even though we do need Omega 6, it is highly inflammatory in too high a ratio to Omega 3 which is very anti inflammatory. 19 more words