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Dream Diet

If you had your choice of diets, what would your dream diet be? Most people would like to have their taste buds tickled without worrying about excess refined sugar or fats. 582 more words

Alternative Health

Salty polenta pancakes with olives

Hello, everyone!

So it is Monday again (ugh) and we have to get used to waking up early once again. But with a new week comes a chance to bring a new positive habit into our lives! 473 more words

Black eyed-Pea Stew with Herb Pesto

This is a super-yummy stew which I adapted from the middle eastern version of fasoulia (bean stew). Stews are a very common theme when exploring Middle Eastern and North African foods. 616 more words


Follow Up [Fermented Soda]

I told y’all I would write a follow up post if/when I got a batch of fermented soda to go successfully.

Well look at that. Fermented soda. 290 more words


Bean stew with capers and brown rice

Friday is just a step away, you guys! How amazing is that? I am sure that after the whole week of cooking you don´t really want to spend more than a half an hour in the kitchen. 193 more words

The Rain Came.

We Celebrated. With Cake.

607 more words
Tales Told

Avocado Beet Bowl with Quinoa + Black Rice

This quinoa and black rice-based dish is packed with protein, antioxidants, and glycine betaine (found in beets), and tastes amazing. The sautéed rice and quinoa gives a tiny crunch, the avocados add a creamy factor, while the beets contribute that dirty sweetness that only beets can. 185 more words