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Yam noodles in a cashew sauce with fresh turmeric

I was asked by a number of people to share this recipe! So, here it is! It is so simple and I made it two nights in a row over the weekend! 200 more words


Straightening the Curve

Still eating a plant-based whole food diet. My energy level is amazing. I feel easy in my body. I’m never hungry. I don’t miss butter on my potatoes. 427 more words

Apple-berry Bircher Muesli - Vegan & Wholefood

Some time ago we bought some of those mail order mini fruit trees, and now about three years later those trees are absolutely loaded with fruit. 226 more words


Sentimental (Food) Journey

I’ve been on a food journey for a long time. The first time I remember thinking that I needed to be more aware of what I ate, I was in high school. 1,418 more words

Using Food As Medicine: Treating Qi Deficiency

What is qi? 

Qi (pronounce chee) is essentially our energy. The Chinese character for qi represents steam rising off of rice, and many scholars translate it as the substance that we get from our food and beverages. 1,227 more words


Summer Burrito

Hello, friends!

Summer days make me reconsider my meals because the temperatures above 32°C truly take my appetite away. If it was up to me, I would only drink a home-made lemonade but my body needs a stable amount of nutrients in order to carry me through the sweltering days. 220 more words

Adventures in Juice Land

Whew.  What a day!  What started out as a day of planning, shopping, and preparing for my first juice cleanse turned into a whirlwind event of grocery shopping and nine hours of helping a loved one move to a new house.   912 more words