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Starting your day as if on purpose

When the that morning alarm goes of signifying that it’s time to start a new day are you the type to smile, get excited, maybe wander over to the patio and take in a deep breath before you drink that cup of coffee and start planning your day; or do you snooze 3 times before you thrown on clothes and run out the door hoping to grab a bite at the Starbucks drive thru as you grab a latte? 673 more words


Minimalist "Diet"

I put “diet” in quotes because I do not at all believe in or support them. As much as I believe in subtracting stuff, subtracting thoughts, and subtracting things that are no longer useful, I do not believe in subtracting from diet. 385 more words

Morning Muffins with Coconut Flour

This is a new recipe in the works (also posted at the main site FitLooseHealth.com. )There is some serious FOOD in these muffins! It really was a process of grabbing fruit as I went and tossing it in until we made a batch that just worked. 262 more words


Vegan and Gluten Free Mac and Cheeze

I don’t know a single Canadian person who doesn’t have a fond memory of macaroni and cheese growing up. It is one of the quintessential winter comfort foods with so many variations. 436 more words

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What's new at GoodFoodWholeLife ??

Well loads has been going on in my neck of the woods and I thought it was finally time to share with you all some of the exciting new things that have been happening! 738 more words


The 10 week sojourn in the land of holistic health

There’s nothing like the approach of a friend’s wedding in a sunny country (where upper arms will have to be on display, yikes) and a return to the workplace after having a baby to inject a sense of urgency into one’s mission to regain control of how one looks and – more importantly – feels.  867 more words

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Erin's Dairy Free Cottage Cheese

I made up a Whole 30/ dairy free cottage cheese replacement {for cooking!} that was so tasty if I do say so myself :) Like to be honest I wouldn’t eat this with a bowl of fruit…. 123 more words

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