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Kitchen Hint of the Day!

Shop healthier when grocery shopping……..

* Choose the reduced or low-fat version of a food if possible – for example milk, cheese, yoghurt, salad dressings and gravies. 32 more words


Heart-healthy foods to incorporate in your diet

If your heart skips a beat on seeing your beloved it is cute, but if your heart skips a beat when with your cardiologist, it is not funny! 792 more words

Health & Wellness

Are Carbohydrates Good for You?

“Are carbs good for you?” I get that question a lot.  If I wasn’t a dietitian, I’d be curious, too, given all the buzz about carbohydrates.   1,243 more words

Nutrition Advice

Bread, From Seed

“Our bread doesn’t shine like that,” said Cordelia.

“That is the pity of it,” said the peasant woman.

“What makes yours shine?” asked Cordelia.

“The sun in the wheat,” said the peasant woman.

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Red Pepper Coques ~ BBB

Red Pepper Coques

Yes it may be pizza like in vision but this is crunchy very unlike a pizza crust.  Like pizza it comes from the Mediterranean but from Spain. 753 more words


For the Horde!

Brace yourselves for another Nerd Pie!

This one is…. FOR THE HORDE! Obviously.

I thought the red/purple-y color of the filling seemed like an appropriate Horde color, so there you go – Nerd pies strike again! 756 more words


Slow Versus Fast Carbohydrates

Tip: Fill your meal plan with slow carbs, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. They contain fiber that helps you maintain a steady stream of energy throughout your day. 726 more words