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My biggest fear is wanting someone to want to be friends with me just because he/she wants to.

I used to think self-reliance was the way to go. 218 more words


Confessions of a fear-aholic.

Oh dear friends, this is a hard one to write, because not to brag, but I am really good at hiding away the parts of me that I don’t like. 466 more words


Been attacking the wrong thing?

Do you sometimes see teenagers, anguished by peer pressure and unsure of their place in the world, lashing out at their parents? At the one relationship where they are assured of unconditional love… 438 more words


Be an Encourager.

I’ve realized we all carry pain in our lives. This pain eats alive our self-confidence and self-assurance. Basically, we are all walking around insecure and this insecurity prevents us from relating to others by admitting our insecurities. 144 more words



I used to think I was safest by putting up walls to protect myself. These sometimes cut me off from community, but I thought it was worth it. 140 more words


'Holistic' Health?

Although you may know the word “holistic”, you might wonder what is meant by holistic health.

The holistic concept in medical practice designates methods that are based on the notion of carefully taking into account the “totality of the human being” – e.g., … 24 more words


With both heart and mind.

This is a topic that is particularly close to my heart (no pun intended!).

It’s very well put; we need to support and create communities of all sorts (and specially schools) where the whole person gets honored, nurtured, supported and stimulated. 126 more words