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Recipe: Whole Wheat Pancakes with Chocolate Chips

I own a griddle. It’s still in the box because I have never used it. It’s kind of sad really; it seems like a perfectly nice griddle.  472 more words


Recipe: Spring onion and cheese pancakes

I love pancakes. I like how easy they are to make and how many different things you can do with them. And on the whole I like savoury pancakes. 470 more words


Grant Bread

People never believe me when I tell them that making bread from scratch doesn’t have to take all day. Granted, making yeast bread will never be a 30 minute or less kind of project. 253 more words


Ghavhachya Peethacha Sheera – Wheat Flour Dessert

#8 of 30


I consider this one of the easiest Indian sweets-with just a few ingredients, which too can be found in all kitchen shelves. 145 more words


Bánh mì nguyên cám- Whole wheat Bread

Như mình đã giới thiệu, bột nguyên cám là một loại bột rất tốt cho sức khỏe, bởi vì bột xay hầu như cả phần vỏ của hạt lúa mì thay vì chỉ xay mỗi phần lõi trắng bên trong. 454 more words

Mức độ: Trung Bình

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Bread

RECIPE #79, DAY #97

ORIGINAL RECIPE: “Pumpkin Bread” from King Arthur Flour’s Whole Grain Baking

TIMING: 1 hour and 15 minutes

DIFFICULTY: Pretty easy… 405 more words


Chunky Apple Walnut Cake

I’m not sure where I copied this recipe from, but it’s on a post-it note, so it can’t be older than the late 70s. I just know that this whole wheat cake is an old favorite; it’s dense and moist and full of all sorts of fall flavors. 339 more words