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Spinach / Sourdough / Buttermilk Crepes

Not everything that goes on in the kitchen gets reported in the blog. The unreported events are not necessarily disasters or even of the ho hum “nothing to write home about” variety, in fact, many dishes that never get written about are very good. 189 more words


How to make soft Whole Wheat Chapati

I have always enjoyed making Chapati, though it wasn’t so when I was growing up. I hated the whole process of kneading and whenever we cooked they always turned out really hard, cardboard hard, but mum insisted we would eat those hard shapeless excuse of Chapatis until we learnt. 532 more words


How to make soft Wholewheat Chapatis

In my quest to try and eat Healthy I have decided to try the Wholewheat Chapati that has been raved about as being healthy. I love making Chapatis because after many years of practice, I can at least say I have perfected the art of it. 502 more words

Anadamya Bread

Or, if one isn’t as polite, “Anna, Damn ya!” bread. It’s an early American bread, supposedly created by an irate husband who came home very late on a cold winter night and found there was only some cold, leftover “Injun mush” (AKA “cornmeal mush” AKA “hasty pudding”) for his dinner. 1,009 more words


Warm & Delightful Tropical Bread

The sun has been particularly ruthless lately here in Bangalore. While we get through our days with tall pitchers of iced tea and melt into a sweet puddle of delight at the very mention of ice cream, there’s also the cooking and baking routine that curiously alleviates some of the strain caused by soaring temperatures. 432 more words


Lemon Muffins

This weeks muffins were inspired by Martha Stewart, one of the most inspiring women of our time. My daughters and I tape her weekly shows Martha Bakes and Martha Stewart’s Cooking School. 29 more words