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Digestive biscuits

Apparently this type of biscuit was first developed by two Scots doctors in the early 19th century who believed the bicarbonate of soda was the digestive aid. 693 more words


Choc Chip Yogurt Muffins

I would happily eat muffins everyday, but as I’m trying to adopt a healthier diet that would definitely not be a wise idea. I did however try out an alternative recipe to usual. 159 more words


Useful tips and hints on fiber intake

Useful tips and hints on fiber intake:

Increasing your fiber intake may be done by eating wholesome prepared foods and preparing them in a wholesome way. 93 more words

Wholegrain Bagel, Tuna and Spinach

Quite similar to tuna and toast, but bagels are just that bit better. Try to avoid eating bread too much as the gluten in it can give you that bloated feeling, however a few times a week won’t hurt. 37 more words


Step aside, Tostitos

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Mexican food makes me weak. I blame the homemade salsa, the sizzling fajitas, the spicy and sweet overflowing margaritas, and the mouthwatering guacamole. 657 more words


Skipping breakfast will do more than damage your health

It’s 6am, you are up and about and ready to start your day, but have no appetite or time to eat breakfast, and so you decide to postpone eating until the next meal of the day, which is only at 12pm. 410 more words


5 Ingredient Spring Vegetable Farro

Happy hump day friends!

Man, am I loving Daylight Savings Time. Well, at first it was a little rough missing out on an hour of sleep, but the fact that it stays light out til 7 o’clock at night, definitely makes up for it! 790 more words