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Moyna's Bon Bons at the Lady Bug Picnic

This recipe is vintage…well nearly. I was on a granola and bonbon indulgence back in the 90’s and these fit the bill, The bonus my oldest daughter loved making them.   649 more words

Candy Melts

Curry and pepper wholegrain rice (vegan)

A great meal for lunch or dinner. The curry and pepper (“yellow and red: full of vitamin C”) wholegrain rice (“wholegrain is of course better and healthier”). 130 more words

Is bread good for you?

Bread is usually the first thing that gets dropped when you’re on a diet. At the same time, it’s one of the most common foods out there. 1,374 more words

Ingredient Reviews

12 Grain French Toast with homemade Honey-Peach Syrup and Greek Yogurt!

This French Toast is my new favorite! It has a chewy, nutty, satisfying texture that is perfectly combined with soft and sweet peaches. I added Greek yogurt for it’s thick-creamy texture, protein, and calcium content! 162 more words


Granola Goals

This is the easiest Granola recipe, ever. It tatses amazing and contains 0 added sugar as well as being minimal effort. After making this once, there’s a good chance you’ll never buy granola again… 289 more words

No bits you say

Just a quickie & I’m probably not allowed (or supposed) to mention the brand, but I’m sure most will recognise it anyway.  “50/50 with hidden wholegrain, no bits”.   39 more words

Healthy Oat and Wholegrain Brown flour Bread

If you haven’t been able to tell so far, I’m a pastries/desserts person (ie. I prefer sweet to savory). However I can never eat my beloved baked goods without feeling guilty and unhealthy afterwards because of the high sugar, butter, and yes, calories. 694 more words