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Creamy coconut Thai spiced spelt

This is an amazingly comforting, yet very nourishing dish! The spelt is a wholegrain grain which releases energy slowly and so will keep you going for hours. 404 more words


Oh So Simple Mustard Sauce

Mr. E did the cooking tonight, so this recipe comes from him- It was just too tasty not to share! Very simple, piquant in flavour, and the ideal accompaniment to the steak and chips we were having, this was just the ideal sauce to go with dinner. 99 more words


Mushroom and millet bowl

This is a vegan recipe using whole grains to keep you energised for a busy working afternoon. It only takes 20 minutes to prepare and so is also ideal for a swift week day supper. 202 more words


13 june 2015


1 slice light whole grain bread (40)

1 piece dried tofu (110)

1 cup spinach (60)

210 calories


12 june 2015


watermelon (80)

1 slice light whole grain bread (40) + 2 slices sharp cheddar (60)

fuji apple (70)

roasted red bell peppers (60)

310 calories


Fiber series #1: WHOLEGRAIN

Hello readers,

I am glad to introduce the first topic of fiber series: WHOLEGRAIN. I have this topic in mind already for quite some time. 405 more words

Dietary Fibre

Salad 101

I’ve been reading a lot about health and wellness recently and boy is it a complex and confusing topic. Some people swear one thing is the cause of all our problems (carbs, sugar, gluten, meat, etc.) while others swear the very same thing is the key to a happy healthy life. 2,030 more words

Better Body