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Spelt Bread

There is nothing like home-made bread for me – especially if it does not contain any yeast and wheat. During all the time I have been histamine-intolerant, I have rarely found bread, that my body would agree with. 326 more words


Day 15 of #energytips2018

We like sweet snacks 🍬🍫🍪 because they give us a boost – in our dopamine (happiness levels essentially), as well as energy. If your body has become dependent on sugar to keep you going until the next meal, it will be hard to resist the pull of something sugary. 192 more words


Holiday Pancakes

These chocolate-peppermint pancakes are the perfect breakfast for Christmas morning! They are made with whole-grain pancake mix, pea protein powder, and a little cocoa powder. Plus, they’ll keep you full and are low in sugar which means that you can eat more holiday cookies! 114 more words


One-Bowl Chocolate-Orange Lebkuchen Cake (German Spice Cake)

Heady with a homemade lebkuchen spice mix, this one-bowl, marmalade-spiked and chocolate-covered cake is great with a cup of tea or coffee. It’s more than a gingerbread! 844 more words

Pearl Barley and Pesto Salad

I am addicted to barley, it is soooo SQUISHY. This salad is great because you can serve it as a warm, filling comfort food during cold weather, or as a refreshing salad during the summer! 182 more words


The Free From Fairy Flours

Firstly thanks to fellow Allergy Mum, Helen, for sharing this company with me.  The Free From Fairy makes wholegrain, gluten-free, wheat-free, and, crucially for us, rice-free flour blends.  287 more words

Food Reviews

Pumpkin, Carrot, & Apple Holiday Spiced Breakfast Muffins

Muffins can be such a deceiving bakery staple. While touted as a breakfast option often they seem to be just a cupcake without the frosting; a cruel joke if considered a cupcake, a sugar overload if considered a breakfast. 599 more words