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Ghost Loaf and the death of an oven

Last week I posted a recipe for wholegrain and millet sourdough, and mentioned that one of the loaves did not come out of the oven as I would have hoped. 323 more words


You should be eating oats

I’m alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic!

Well, alive, at least. Kinda awake.

Life has been pretty hectic lately with moving into a new apartment and getting around for classes to start, and I’ve gotten way less sleep than a health blogger should get in order to be a credible health blogger. 741 more words

Wholegrain and millet sourdough

In the last post, I experimented with the amount of sourdough starter, and the effect that it had on the final taste and texture of the loaf. 549 more words


Homemade Granola

This started out as Judy Niednagel’s granola recipe, but I’ve tweaked it for my taste. With that being said, know that all of these measurements are approximate, and you can substitute lots of different options to tweak it to your taste. 539 more words


Brown rice vs wholegrain rice - is one healthier than the other?

For the first time in ages I was completely stumped by the products I picked up in the supermarket today. Being a clean eater for the past year meant that I had come to learn what to look for on food labels and which foods are healthier alternatives. 311 more words

Honey Mustard Chicken- My High School Classic

One thing I got to be a pro at in high school was making honey mustard chicken. Our GCSE Food Technology project was to design a lunch box product, and I opted for one of my favourites: Chicken Salad. 347 more words

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