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Going Healthy! Clean Eating + Acai Berry Bowls

This is a bit of a different post than what I usually put up, aka talking about writing and books…BUT I wanted to include different topics in my blog including a health section..soo lately I’ve been watching a lot of videos by Essena ONeill, and feeling very inspired to get more fit and healthy ( for those of you who don’t know of her, she is basically this amazing Australian 18 year old teenage girl who encourages people to start eating clean and going vegan.) 811 more words


Sweet Potato & Dandelion Loaf

Confession time … coconut flour and I just can not get on. There, I said it. I really desperately wanted to love the stuff, but I just find it tough to work with, crumbly and so strong tasting it overpowers the flavour of everything else in the recipe. 418 more words


6 Ways to Nourish your Adrenals

Adrenals are the triangular-shaped endocrine glands that sit on top of the kidneys. The adrenals are the keys to optimal health because they are solely responsible for releasing stress-monitoring hormones. 365 more words


Like Minded Projects (Fitzroy)

So today my friend invited me out to a new conceptual cafe down in Fitzroy on Smith Street. Usually I have a lot of disdain for hipster nonsense but I have to concede that they make great places to hangout with a friend.The idea is simple; bring three different businesses (Housing Coffee Supreme, wholefood kitchen Fred Gets, and Ace raw cookies) that serve coffee, brunch and dessert respectively, together within one, open, brightly light space.The shop was cute with lots of pastels and plants.  585 more words

Eat Right Ontario Contest

Eat Right Ontario presents FREE healthy eating information developed by registered dieticians. Their web site, Eat Right Ontario, offers a wide selection of wholesome recipes, healthy eating menus and informative resources. 56 more words

Holistic Nutritionist vs. Dietician

Many people actually don’t know the difference between these two health professions

The truth is they are very different from one another. Dieticians are more like clinicians and holistic nutritionists are the “hands-on” people… 176 more words