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The Joys in Weather Change

Today feels like fall has arrived.

Trees have dropped more leaves, car steering wheels are colder waiting for the car to warm up in the morning, the sun takes a far different arc across the sky. 547 more words

Hyderabadi Marag soup

Hello folks !

It is this time of the year when Hyderabad is facing heavy rains..and all you want to do is curl up in a blanket with a hot cup of coffee or perhaps a piping hot soup ? 274 more words


A Shift in Focus

As 2017 grinds down to a powdery end I find myself searching out ways of reinvigorating how  I spend my hours. The end of another year, much like the last, reminds me that I do not have the kind of awareness nor attention needed to make sure that I am focusing on life properly. 268 more words


I feel totally amazing and light!

On my last post, I have mentioned about adopting minimalism lifestyle. I have now slowly done it bit by bit! 658 more words

have your cake and eat it too

cake or cookie?

neither. this recipe is actually a healthy hybrid. part gooey chocolate chip cookie, part velvety cake this baby is packed with fibre, protein, antioxidants and most importantly no nasties, so it’s a surefire hit for those late afternoon munchies. 211 more words


Multigrain Porridge with Vanilla, Fig and Blackberry

Figs! I had never ever tried a fig until the other day and they are incredible. I assume they vary in flavour but these were delicate and sweet like honey. 367 more words

Culinary Antics