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Salad #3: Creamy Caesar Dressing

This salad also uses an alternative base. Instead of spinach or lettuce, I have chopped broccoli. Once again, it is more work to eat since it’s so chewy. 88 more words


Raw Walnut Brownies

I love a gooey, chocolate-y brownie and with the cooler weather starting to set in I’m finding myself reaching for those cups of tea a little more frequently…and occasionally I also feel like something sweet to go along with it. 248 more words


Slave ?

She is wholly mine

To command,

To define;

She wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I take her

– My time, my place – she… 60 more words

Poetry Perhaps?

Summer Shots!

Make a safe place for the birds to visit and sit back and enjoy an ever changing scenario of beauty right outside your window. Never has so little effort yielded such rich dividends! 32 more words


Morning Magic

There was a time when a morning walk yielded priceless memories. My constant struggle was whether to catry a camera or just enjoy the walk. 51 more words


Mindful Eating For Dummies

Are you constantly hangry? Are you constantly craving EVERYTHING?

STOP! Don’t exit. This is not some generic ad for an ab-machine.

What this is, is a few simple steps in winning this seemingly impossible hunger game we, the wealthy 21st century humans, all seem to be playing. 420 more words


Some People Come To Japan And Turn Japanese

and others retreat to their roots.Because, there’s only so much salt, sugar and seaweed a girl can take. Ah, I feel so ready to move on to my next chapter… though I know how important it is to enjoy the now and how dangerous it is to wait wait wait. 380 more words