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A Tribute to Jonathan Crombie: The Man Who Made Gilbert Blythe

At work today as I was cruising through Facebook, I learned that Jonathan Crombie had passed away. I felt myself freeze and I could feel the blood draining from my face. 539 more words

8 Reasons Old Cookbooks Are Important

From Backdoor Survival, by Gaye Levy, Apr 2015

A couple of months ago I was going through some old boxes tucked into the hidden recesses of my garage and I stumbled upon a box of old cookbooks.  1,013 more words


Grapefruit & Avocado Salad

Two delicious things in California that are always the freshest: Grapefruits and Avocados. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to actually pick grapefruit off the tree. Up in Canada we call it “grocery shopping.” Something about harvesting food by hand I simply love. 178 more words


Sometimes all you need is a splash of colour...

Tonight, I experimented with quinoa. This is the first time I’ve ever cooked it, despite the fact I’ve had a packet in my cupboard for an embarrassingly long time (fairly sure this packet may even have moved houses with me!). 484 more words

Wintery Wednesday

I think its safe to say winter has arrived in Cape Town! Oh,i how I have not missed the unpredictable weather, the intermittent cloud bursts and icy breezes! 623 more words

Strawberry Skillet Cake

A beautiful day deserves a beautiful dessert.

This is Raspberry Skillet Cake‘s half sister.

Butter and sugar are creamed and strawberries are diced.

Dry ingredients are added and we have ourselves a cake batter. 142 more words


Kim Boyce's oatmeal pancakes

Even though I’ve had a mainly vegetarian diet for many years, I’ve never really been much of a wholegrain type of vegetarian. Perhaps this has been a reaction to the overly virtuous, heavily wholemeal vegetarian food of the 1970s and ’80s.  662 more words