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Pineapple Jalapeño Salsa

It’s been a hot summer. 

Here in NC, things have been pretty hot. Temperatures above 100 have been the usual with some serious humidity. With this heat, it’s a little tough finding things to do. 600 more words

Clean Eating


Now if there is ONE thing that I have failed at most in the kitchen – it is healthy and clean alternatives to chocolate chip cookies. 591 more words


Kale, Pepper, and Onion White Pizza

Recently, I had quite a shock: apparently, my husband likes kale.


When did this happen, and how did I not know about it?

In other news…this pizza is delicious (and healthy, to boot)! 815 more words


Get rid of white salt.

I am all for easy changes that make a big difference to your diet and well being. Table salt is one of these changes that you can make. 350 more words

Dairy Free

Corn chip blues

I am a massive corn chips and dip fan. I could live off corn chips and guacamole if I allowed myself to, it just tastes so damn good! 605 more words

Dairy Free

‘The whiter the bread the sooner your dead’ - so have Paleo instead!

I was brought up eating bread with almost every meal. For breakfast we would have toast, sandwiches in my lunchbox, bread with dinner. I die now thinking up how many fish n chip white bread sandwiches layered in butter & tomato sauce that I shoved down my gob. 932 more words

Dairy Free

Coconut Goodness

Coconut yoghurt is fast becoming a product I cannot live without!

Traditional yoghurt with cow’s milk is off limits for me so over the last few months’ I have been substituting it with joyful jars of coconut yoghurt. 246 more words

Dairy Free