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Radical Reusables

This project was for my Writing for Public Relations class.  The final project was to create any company you wanted and then make a PR Plan for your company.   1,711 more words


Nuts are an essential part of an everyday healthy diet. They are popular substitutes for many things in the raw, vegan and paleo diets and lifestyles such as almond flour, macadamia milk and cashew cheese … the options are endless. 424 more words


Butternut Squash Cake

The birds are singing, the sky is vibrantly blue, snow is still blanketing the ground but the sun is out. The calendar says spring is 20 days away. 303 more words


Wholesome & Wonderful Recipe Hop #7

I am really excited to be co-hosting a bi-monthly blog hop with a couple of my fellow foodies! I am looking forward to seeing what wholesome and wondrous recipes you all have to share. 245 more words


Spicy Red Lentil Stew

Today, I really wanted to post something about cooperation. It’s been a rough day with some really rigid, frustrating personalities making life difficult just for the sake of making life difficult… 299 more words


Jackfruit Calamity

My devotion to the jackfruit, which reached almost mystical proportions, has diminished somewhat of late. There I was munching a seed when something gritty crunched between my teeth. 297 more words


A Healthy New Year

In our society the Christmas and New Year holiday binge is commonly teemed with regret and the ubiquitous: “I’ll eat healthier this year”, “I plan to lose weight and get fit”, “I will drink less alcohol” and yet it’s always the same outcome – by mid-January old habits resurface. 514 more words