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Writing Tip: Who vs Whom

Consider this: You’re at an information booth and the gentleman/lady manning the counter is of little help. And you want to scream at them, “So who should I ask?” when your inner editor goes, “Should it be who or whom?” 211 more words

Grammar Tips

Whoever is the subject?

Who will inherit the investigation?

Oh, whoever will inherit the investigation?

Whoever will inherit the investigation, he will be someone Mr. Trump nominates.

Whoever will inherit the investigation, Mr. 1,028 more words

Language And Linguistics

said from whom

in its own wilderness

and cause on the  meaning

and motion

and its own telling as its own wise

and caught on the hybrid

and its own… 46 more words


whomst-whom-who-whomst'd-whomst'dn'tve | dishashroff


“Whom” sounds smarter and more formal than “who,” even though many people don’t use it correctly. And if is whom is smart, then whomst has to be really smart, right? 363 more words

whom it was to bother


and its own  composed

and select

and might it become as its own in flight

and well toward

and held as to solve

and cause… 56 more words


It's Time to Settle This!

Let’s start with a joke:

So have you ever heard those hoity-toity people who actually use ‘whom’ in conversation and you think “They must be from the wrong era. 858 more words


Fitting in

Fit in!

Fit in!

Fit in with who?

Why try to fit in?!

When you don’t fit in, but think you are!

When you don’t care if you fit in!? 6 more words