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Many Nights Dream

Many Nights Dream

A dream strapped to a bed,

hell anybody else,

would rather been dead!

A shockingly waking dream,

doing wonders for my esteem. 19 more words

Double passives, real grammar, and finding fault

At Macmillan Dictionary Blog I’ve been writing about double passives, beliefs about grammar, and usage criticism. Excerpts and links follow.

In The double passive is suggested to be avoided (sometimes) 429 more words


"True Confessions" - "Biblical Power Tools"

“True Confessions” < click to listen

“The Bible instructs us to “confess our sins” – but to whom and how?”
Keynote Scripture: James 5:16

________________________… 32 more words

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Comprehensive question : Interrogative adverbs : Whom

We can use interrogative adverbs as questions and conjunctions. Today we are going to study Usage of  “whom”.


As question  : Whom + helping verb… 82 more words


Who knew?

Do you want to know a secret?  Not many people know this, only copy-editors and a few Oxford dons, and they’re not letting on.  But I am going to whisper it to you.  877 more words

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To whom, Lewis: to whom!

Sergeant Lewis is in trouble again for his ‘bad grammar’.  This time, that old grouch Chief Inspector Morse is setting him right on the matter of personal pronouns, the correct form being, it would seem, … 874 more words

Correct Grammar

#Who/#Whom #Video That Just Might #Cure Some of Us


I actually love studying grammar. Who and whom have always been an an issue for me. Just when I thought I had wrapped my mind around the whole objective/subjective thing, the lightbulb would go off. 53 more words