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Of course, I’ve written before about how malleable the English language can be and still be understood. A famous example — possibly apocryphal — details Winston Churchill’s testy reply to an aide who criticized him for ending his sentences with prepositions. 1,228 more words


Who vs. Whom

One of the many, many things I appreciate about the show Archer is the constant grammar correction among the characters. The who/whom debate has become a running gag in the cartoon. 453 more words

Word Use

My Legacy

I like three things that make
Me unpopular. Science, Poetry and Quizzing.
I’m not for the barbecue and the beer.
I’m in my own way in the IUCN red list, 174 more words


What's the Difference between Who and Whom?

English is a funny language with words that often confuse the users! The similarity between words and phrases is the reason why many make bloopers and structure their statement with a gaffe. 176 more words


To whom it may concern

I wonder if Yahoo! Style has editors and writers who have shared information about the difference between nominative and objective pronouns. I think not:

The nominative pronoun… 39 more words