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Who knew?

Do you want to know a secret?  Not many people know this, only copy-editors and a few Oxford dons, and they’re not letting on.  But I am going to whisper it to you.  833 more words

English Teachers

To whom, Lewis: to whom!

Sergeant Lewis is in trouble again for his ‘bad grammar’.  This time, that old grouch Chief Inspector Morse is setting him right on the matter of personal pronouns, the correct form being, it would seem, … 860 more words

Correct Grammar

#Who/#Whom #Video That Just Might #Cure Some of Us


I actually love studying grammar. Who and whom have always been an an issue for me. Just when I thought I had wrapped my mind around the whole objective/subjective thing, the lightbulb would go off. 53 more words


wonder whom it could be

words  are used

and aingles  are thrown

and how it feels like a  movement

and its own groove

and those of the channel

and what it heard of the cover… 40 more words


Comma Queen: “Who/Whom” for Dummies | The New Yorker

“Who” and “whom” are relative pronouns, and the trick for choosing the right one is to switch the clause around so that you can substitute a personal pronoun. 67 more words

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Những lưu ý khi dùng đại từ quan hệ ( who, which, whom.... )


1.Khi nào dùng dấu phẩy ?
Khi danh từ đứng trước… 441 more words

Anh Văn Dành Cho Người Mất Căn Bản

Episode 648: Astral Disturbances

“The letter M is very strong in this room.”

Yesterday, following Roger’s suspicious specter-assisted accident on the stairs, his sister Elizabeth found a tarot card on the drinks table in his bedroom.

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