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Let's Get Rid of Whomever!

It’s time to address the elephant in the room: the word whomever, and its rampant incorrect usage. The linguists call it “hypercorrection,” using something that sounds more correct, but isn’t. 302 more words



With whom did I speak ?

I never knew .

With whom did I share ?

I don’t even remember .

In this world of illusions , 112 more words

Ask Yourselves This Qs'

Whom am I in me? Or Whom am I in myself?

Then TELL yourselves; Me and my creator are my greatest I. Because my creator and me are one in Heaven for Heaven is Lord.

17 more words

direct and whom

toward as the past

as its own last

and checking

as the feature

and turning

as the response

and leap

as its own belong

and whom… 48 more words


whom to cool

those as its own previous

and wait

as the meaning

and caught

as the shatter

and forever

as the speaking

and said

as the response… 47 more words


whom to this area

funny as the laughter

and when

it was the circle

and  mood

as its own turning

and said

as its own before

and learning

as its own  before… 44 more words


whom as the deal

thought as its own moving

and hope

as the dry

as its own elegence

and thy fruit

as its own corner

and connnection

as its own rule… 45 more words