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one whom knows

who is the  diary of you

and what is the composed

and where is the rest

and the  wrestle of the soul

and how it grips… 47 more words


Devotion: A Man Who Knows Where He is Going

my testimony is valid, for I know where I came from and where I am going. John 8:14

During an end-of-year review, I was once told, “you are like a train on its tracks that once it gets going I could not take a baseball bat to your head to dislodge you.”

410 more words

What if relative pronouns were easy to use?

Cries of protest rent the air when I asked my three regular panelists – and a special guest panelist (all Western University master’s students) – whether they’d consider embarking upon another ripping grammar lesson. 174 more words


12 grammarians and copy editors drunk with power

(Sorry for the irony of a copy editing post when I haven’t yet fixed the spacing issues in this new theme.)

Grammarians must be coming out of winter hibernation or something. 1,074 more words


Writerly Wednesday--Grammar and the Lincoln Memorial

Wow, does that sound interesting or what? Grammar and history all in one! Snooze. Well, I’ll keep this brief. But as I was looking at some photos I recently took around Washington D.C., I was struck again by the inscription above the statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial. 552 more words


whom woke you up

did  the whispers of the evening have its place and fingers of

the eyes all over you

and where is the middle   of the road… 45 more words