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Who’s there…..?

Who’s there …..?
who wants everything to be perfect..?
Is there anything here that’s exactly perfect..?

Who’s there…..?
who has little misunderstanding……?
Is there any understanding without misunderstanding…? 49 more words


Calling all peace seekers!

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby announce my debut into the world of blogging and internet socialization!

… is that not how this works? Ok, maybe I don’t have all the technicalities figured out, but I’m working on it, alright? 245 more words


Knock, knock, may I come in?

What do we say when we meet a person without actually saying it? We say, “explain your life to me”, and then we wait. We wait to see if the open up, and of how much they open up is painting a picture of how they live- giving us other characters to place in their narrative- leaving us with the understanding that they… are… open.; or is it shallow such as the weather and the information a DMV would ask for; is it asleep, as not to connect words to heat or eyes to purpose; Is it closed off, with the perception that you won’t get in, to be trusted, without time and being part of an inner circle that is all too an illusion of how to enter. 19 more words

Day 133, Surprising News - Epona Spoiler Alert

My Little Sweetie

ALBERTA!! Talk to me!! What is it, sweetness? Have you eaten too many flies? I told you not to eat too many all in one go!

1,431 more words
Story Quests

Um...I hear footsteps!

Wonder who that is coming down the hallway? Hope you had a good day today! Love, Tyler xo

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