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My first reaction when I read this graphic on an Internet atheism community?

Yes, it is TERRIBLE that Jesus Christ (whom serious Christians believe is God’s divine son) had to die on the cross for me and everyone else who believes in Him. 476 more words


What is the Gospel anyway?

The Gospel. Literally, the “Good News.” Good news about what, you ask? To answer your question in the purest, simplest form, I must go straight to God’s Word. 1,470 more words


Jesus let go of his opportunity to be rescued so that he could rescue us

We had communion at Orchard Baptist yesterday and I experienced God’s love through it in a new and powerful way. We were also looking at the Psalms and I had been thinking in my preparation about how the emphasis in lots of the Psalms is on the word… 293 more words


Good Friday 2015: The Church of the Redeemer

This year I was honored to be asked to preach at The Church of the Redeemer for the Good Friday liturgy of the day.  The lessons can be found… 1,585 more words

Life In A Parish

Why did Jesus die?

For Good Friday, I’m reissuing a post I wrote a few years ago. And appropriately, this Good Friday (April 3rd) is exactly 1982 years to the day since the death of Jesus. 1,750 more words

Biblical Studies

Good Friday | Why did Jesus die?

Today is the most solemn day of the year, and Catholics spend it in prayer, fasting and abstinence.  Why do we do it?  What is the significance of Jesus dying on the cross? 449 more words

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Sometimes I’m bursting with appreciation for the graphics that atheist people post on the Internet. They often present Heaven-sent opportunities to tell people what God and Jesus Christ are all about. 469 more words