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"Why Do They Hate Us?" Gore Vidal Interview on Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace (2002)

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Why Do They Hate Us?

I keep hearing this question from pretty much every group on the planet. There are countless articles written about that question without offering a clear and true answer. 545 more words


If you must ask : Why Do They Hate Us? - Abrar Qadir

The American public often wonders aloud, at the urging of politicians and TV pundits, “Why do they hate us?” The established narrative is that large swaths of the Muslim world have not only a murderous vendetta against Americans, but a murderous vendetta plucked out of thin air. 785 more words




Drone warfare has increased dramatically since 2008 and there are over 60 bases across the globe engaging in a US drone missions. US drones are currently deployed in the skies of over 14 different countries, some for surveillance and others for attacking ground targets. 195 more words


Why do they hate us

Americans ask, “Why do they hate us?” Stephen M. Walt, Harvard professor of international relations, suggests:

Remember the Golden Rule? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I’ve been thinking that Americans ought to reflect a bit more on the long-term costs of our willingness to do unto others in ways we would most definitely not want them to do unto us. 354 more words

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