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Insane Humanist Manifesto 2 Quote

From a simple google search, right on Wikipedia:

Expanding upon the role the public education establishment should play to bring about the goals described in the Humanist Manifesto II, … 186 more words


Feathered dinosaur tail in amber!

In a market in Myanmar, the Chinese scientist Xing Lida, shown in the picture below, found a piece of amber about the size of a dried apricot, and it had an inclusion. 1,169 more words


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A spectacular find as detailed on Why Evolution is True. To comment please visit original.  

South African students call for the “fall of colonizing Western science” and its replacement by “separate ways of knowledge” — Why Evolution Is True

I don’t know much about this video sent by reader Jason, but apparently it’s a meeting between the science faculty of UCT (The University of Cape Town) and a group of students calling for the “decolonization of science”—that “Western science must fall” and be “scratched out” because “Western knowledge is totalizing.” The hashtag #ScienceMustFall is apparently […]

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Critical Thinking

It's All Cats to Clapham Common

Normally I’d want to avoid London during the summer, but this display at Clapham Common Tube Station would be worth seeing. Here’s a link to the description at Jerry Coyne’s web site:



Hooray! My university sends letter to incoming students decrying safe spaces and trigger warnings, promoting free speech, and refusing to cancel controversial speakers

I’m not much of a jingoist: I don’t root for America in the Olympics, I don’t favor my home-town sports teams, and, although I like the University of Chicago, which has treated me very well, I don’t go around touting it as The Best School in the World. 37 more words