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It's All Cats to Clapham Common

Normally I’d want to avoid London during the summer, but this display at Clapham Common Tube Station would be worth seeing. Here’s a link to the description at Jerry Coyne’s web site:


Hooray! My university sends letter to incoming students decrying safe spaces and trigger warnings, promoting free speech, and refusing to cancel controversial speakers

I’m not much of a jingoist: I don’t root for America in the Olympics, I don’t favor my home-town sports teams, and, although I like the University of Chicago, which has treated me very well, I don’t go around touting it as The Best School in the World. 37 more words


Auctions, Auctions, Auctions


I will be mentioning stuff opther than auctions, but it is the auctions that form the basis of this post.


Today’s work at James and Sons featured three different auctions, hence the title both of the post and of this section thereof. 586 more words

Faith vs. Fact - Book Review


One of the things I was fortunate enough to receive this Christmas was a copy of Jerry Coyne’s latest offering, Faith Versus Fact. One recent review came to the author’s attention and was featured in… 222 more words