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Auctions, Auctions, Auctions


I will be mentioning stuff opther than auctions, but it is the auctions that form the basis of this post.


Today’s work at James and Sons featured three different auctions, hence the title both of the post and of this section thereof. 586 more words

Faith vs. Fact - Book Review


One of the things I was fortunate enough to receive this Christmas was a copy of Jerry Coyne’s latest offering, Faith Versus Fact. One recent review came to the author’s attention and was featured in… 222 more words

Recommendation - Understanding Evolution, UCal Berkeley - Excellent resource

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Biologists are generally pretty happy people. They got to skip out of the second year of physics and wow everyone at parties with stories of… 362 more words


Weekend Recap - Don't be a lazy bastard - Fathers and Sons Five - Choose your top ten books

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Weekend thoughts…

Of course today we turn our thoughts to l♥ve and to those we love which is why I am thinking of my blog posts. 697 more words


The last words of Christopher Hitchens

I continue to read Hitchens for inspiration, and brush off those detractors who devalue his entire life simply because he was in favor of the Iraq war.

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Life, The Universe…

The Sanctity of Life

I’ve been avoiding this piece because, quite frankly, it breaks my heart. Part of me didn’t want to write about this because I don’t want to make a mockery of a person’s life or death. 926 more words