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Why I Started Blogging?....

Way back in 2011 I loaded up WordPress and began typing away under the name 2kidsandMe. I was pretty open back then. Naming my children and not really bothering about what I wrote about.. 449 more words


In The Beginning

There was a vlog. And it was good.

But some people I know don’t want to sit through a daily vlog and would rather read what I have to say than watch me be the goofball that I am. 121 more words



Hello, friend. Having my own personal blog had never crossed my mind until a couple months ago. I decided if I ever made a blog, the posts wouldn’t be like a daily diary of what I did that day, what I had for breakfast, etc. 209 more words

Blog Posts

Welcome to Wonderland

When I was little I always loved the movie Alice in Wonderland. I think I enjoyed it so much because it was totally and utterly witty which is an attribute I aspire to incorporate in my every day dargin’. 221 more words


Why I Started This Blog

Hi, I know no ones reading this, and probably never will be, but there may be a slight chance, so I might as well explain why I started this blog instead of just typing to myself. 1,143 more words

First Post

Hello world!

When I enrolled in my Social Media Marketing course, I had no idea I would be creating and using so many different outlets. I was a bit nervous when my professor announced his intentions and that beginning of the semester. 42 more words

The Beginning

Pick a Positive Linky on loan!

Well I’m not a massive fan of linky’s probably because no matter how regular they are I am rarely well prepared for them!  Pretty much the only one I have done regularly (as in more than twice!) is… 527 more words

Getting To Know Me