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FAQ#1 Why I started sculpting

I started sculpting a) because I had always wanted to paint a blank model horse and never could afford one, b) if I was going to paint a model I wanted it to be one I did because I didn’t like the ones I had seen for sale “BREYER”, c) when I looked into sculpting horses I did find blanks I liked, called “Artist Resin” but they were way more than I could afford and I found that quite a profit was ‘possible’ from making these. 457 more words


Why I Started The Round House

So why did I want to start The Round House? Because I was tired of hearing about the Brock Turners and the John Enochs of the world and how they were the real victims instead of the girls they left for dead and raped. 228 more words

Why I Started

What's Here So Far: Almost an Update

This is my first post. It’s the kind of thing I want to do really well with, but it’s probably going to be some weird combination of things. 185 more words

Almost An Update

Why I Started Entrees and Expeditions

The other day, someone asked me why I started this blog, and I realized that I had never written a post about it before.

I started Entrees and Expeditions in May 2011 at the end of my sophomore year in high school. 295 more words


My Premier Why 

A year and a half ago I enjoyed jewelry….when I remembered to wear it. When my friend Katie began to sell Premier Jewelry, I was so nervous for her: would she succeed? 442 more words


Hello world!

I started this blog because I am trying to conceive. One of the major changes I need to make in my own life is to eat not only healthier, but to ensure that everything I eat has nutritional value. 73 more words


Why I Started Blogging?....

Way back in 2011 I loaded up WordPress and began typing away under the name 2kidsandMe. I was pretty open back then. Naming my children and not really bothering about what I wrote about.. 449 more words