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My Why

Hi! This is me (photo above) ^

I’m just your average Minnesota girl who packed up her 2006 Subaru and drove it to Los Angeles to pursue her acting dream. 801 more words

Eco Friendly

Why did I make this?

Beats me. It seemed worthwhile to yell into the void (internet). I’m sure there will be a few things worth listening to. I have a collection of odd interests that I often want to share about and perhaps teach and learn from others with similar interests. 17 more words

About Me

First blog post

Hello, fellow glittering unicorns!  

I am setting up this blog to display my love for everything and anything. I have no one thing (besides God) that I am obsessed with specifically. 73 more words


Why I Started This Blog

Over the summer of my sophomore year in undergrad, I kind of lost my inspiration and drive for becoming a doctor. Like, I still knew I wanted to be one, but it was becoming harder to find motivation to keep pushing through the struggles of undergrad. 261 more words


Why Am I Here?

So here I am at the beginning of another creative project, mulling over the best way to start. I feel like starting is always the hardest part of anything, especially anything creative. 543 more words

My First Blog

This is my first publicly written anything. I am not the greatest writer nor someone who has extraordinary skills with words but life has reached a really hard place. 147 more words


Blog Plan (NAAB)

***Whenever you see “NAAB” that means “Not About A Book”*** I’ve decided I’m going to periodically add more content to this blog. This additional content is just going to be whatever I feel like writing about , life, goals, current events, ect. 473 more words