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Why I started BeautyBoxReview

After subscribing to so many beauty boxes, some I loved, others were ok, and some just weren’t for me…. I became obsessed. There is nothing better than getting that gift for yourself in the mail every month…. 143 more words


Why I Started Blogging

For this week I want to take a break from my usual posts and take some time to reflect on why I have decided to give blogging a try.   315 more words


Why I started

I do not feel really well lately. I am constantly thinking about the things I do not have, instead of what I have. And I can not find the button to turn that feeling around. 362 more words

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Why I Started My YouTube Channel

To be honest. I was lost. I didn’t know what to do in my life. I was working full time as an IT specialist for a big corporate company going on 5 years. 235 more words


Why I Started Blogging| 2017 Inspo

2017 is here, and with it has come a lot of reflection. As I commence the year with, what seems like, the many goals of mine, I can’t help but think about how and why this whole blogging thing started. 231 more words

You know that feeling...?

That feeling when you’re hungry. And because you’re hungry, you gorge yourself because maybe all you need is a few thousand carbs. But then two hours later, stomach full of bloat, you still feel that emptiness. 290 more words

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FAQ#1 Why I started sculpting

I started sculpting a) because I had always wanted to paint a blank model horse and never could afford one, b) if I was going to paint a model I wanted it to be one I did because I didn’t like the ones I had seen for sale “BREYER”, c) when I looked into sculpting horses I did find blanks I liked, called “Artist Resin” but they were way more than I could afford and I found that quite a profit was ‘possible’ from making these. 457 more words