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In The Beginning

There was a vlog. And it was good.

But some people I know don’t want to sit through a daily vlog and would rather read what I have to say than watch me be the goofball that I am. 121 more words



Hello, friend. Having my own personal blog had never crossed my mind until a couple months ago. I decided if I ever made a blog, the posts wouldn’t be like a daily diary of what I did that day, what I had for breakfast, etc. 209 more words

Blog Posts

Why I Started This Blog

Hi, I know no ones reading this, and probably never will be, but there may be a slight chance, so I might as well explain why I started this blog instead of just typing to myself. 1,143 more words

First Post

Hello world!

When I enrolled in my Social Media Marketing course, I had no idea I would be creating and using so many different outlets. I was a bit nervous when my professor announced his intentions and that beginning of the semester. 42 more words

The Beginning

Pick a Positive Linky on loan!

Well I’m not a massive fan of linky’s probably because no matter how regular they are I am rarely well prepared for them!  Pretty much the only one I have done regularly (as in more than twice!) is… 527 more words

Getting To Know Me

Introduction To The Blog!

So, this will be my first ever post on the internet, so I apologise in advance if this isn’t the best thing you have read. Anyway, in this post I want to say what I really aim to do and why I want to do it on this blog, and although this is outlined very briefly in the ‘about’ section, I want to add a bit more detail. 391 more words