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Paper Anniversary

October 11th will mark a year since my first Milton Yoga class. That’s the longest relationship I’ve ever been in–with a yoga studio, that is. Twelve months. 423 more words

Benefits Of Yoga

Min(d)ing the Body

A paradox: my father and I are at war over yoga. No, we’re not arguing about the percentage of my salary that ends up in lululemon’s coffers (though yes, that tends to cause some conflict). 613 more words

Benefits Of Yoga

lululemon not required

Yesterday, Sean posted the “lululemon not required” tagline on Milton Yoga’s Facebook page (and no, it wasn’t a coy reference to lulu’s sheer pant recall). As I write this, that status stands at 56 “likes.” 387 more words

Milton Yoga

Breathing Just A Little

I started my yoga practice when I was in college, and my favorite instructor, who had a voice that can only be described as audible Valium, always guided us into savasana with a brief reading. 563 more words

Benefits Of Yoga

Turn It Over: On Virginia Woolf, Perspective, and Flipping Your Dog

To begin my creative writing class’s unit on memoir and the craft of nonfiction, I begin with a prompt: using a famous final sentence (selected from a list which I provide), begin a scene. 410 more words


Toast Falling Butter-Side Down

Tuesday March 5 was what my grandmother calls a “toast falling butter-side down” kind of day (also known as Murphy’s Law, for those of us preferring concision). 520 more words

Milton Yoga

every journey starts with a first step.

I am a person who does not like change. I find it (change) difficult to accept and often shy away from trying new things. I’m also a person who has great intentions yet struggles to commit to accomplishing goals. 457 more words


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