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US Court considers dead bodies more important than child rape victims, insisting cannon law untouchable under US law

The law is frequently an ass.

But few laws or lawyers are more asinine than the recent decision by US District Court Judge Hon Rudolph T Randa. 801 more words

Catholic Child Sexual Abuse

True meaning of the word "CATHOLIC"

C – Callous

A – Arrogant

T – Totalitarian

H – Hierarchy

O – Obstinately

L – Lying about

I – Indecent assaults against

C – Children

Catholic Child Sexual Abuse

Why does the catholic church continue to abuse children?

Every now and then I come across a summary of the catholic church’s exploitation and abandonment of children that pulls it all together so accurately, or captures the horror of honest, ordinary people at the atrocities committed by the Church of Child Rape. 1,792 more words

Sexual Abuse Cover Up

Pope responsible for crimes against humanity

Last week the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) lodged documents with the International Criminal Court in The Hague detailing the widespread and systematic campaign of sexual violence and exploitation of many, many thousands of children worldwide by the Catholic Church. 1,895 more words

Catholic Child Sexual Abuse

Victim Concludes From Personal Experience: Catholic Church Hierarchy Have Absolutely No Intention of Helping Victims

Since first speaking out in 2008 about my six years of child sexual abuse at the hands of a Brother from the Passionist Order, I have found a strength I never knew I had, discovered a voice that demands to be heard after being bullied into silence for so long, and have achieved so much on my road towards recovery, acceptance and peace. 1,570 more words

Catholic Re-abuse Of Child Sex Abuse Victims

Why Is Anyone Still A Catholic?

On the day the Egyptian people succeeded in ousting an oppressive and controlling  regime noted for abuse of power and human rights abuses, it is worthwhile to evaluate the refusal of ordinary Catholics to consider the consequences of their own selfish, mindless and cowardly support for the paedophile protecting Pope and his criminal mates. 951 more words

Catholic Re-abuse Of Child Sex Abuse Victims